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Miller’s Merry Manor


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     Mrs. Birnell’s English classes had the opportunity to help support the community by helping out the elderly. For the last few months, Mrs. Birnell’s classes have been working on a community service project. On Tuesday, Mrs. Birnells sixth and seventh hour classes took a trip to Miller’s Merry Manor in Logansport to spend time playing games, talking, and helping the elderly out. Miller’s Merry Manor has almost anything you can think of including housing, rehab centers, a dining court, great staff, etc.

     When we arrived at Miller’s, we went into the cafeteria to play cards, board games, and the Wii. Many elders, as many people know, always love to spend time with younger kids whether it be their grandchildren, or any typical kid. When we walked into the cafeteria, all of the students scattered around each table to sit with a Miiller’s resident. Each table had a different board game and some of them had Jenga, crossword puzzles, and coloring activities.“When we walked into the cafeteria, a elder man said, “Well they just keep coming.” He then said, “You guys look like a good group of kids.” The Wii was probably the favorite thing for both the students and the residents. Many of the residents just liked to watch others play, but two or three residents really enjoyed playing it.

     After everyone was finished playing games, the leader of Miller’s asked for groups of two students to walk residents outside around the building. Almost everyone jumped right up to help them. Mitchell Handy and I were grouped together to walk a lady around the building. As soon as we went outside, the lady was so happy just to be outside.She talked up a storm, talking about how green the grass was, how hot and nice of a day it was, and asked Mitchell and I our names and what we do outside of school. After talking to some of my classmates, it sounded like the residents had a great time to be outside and to have someone to take the time out of their day to talk to them.

     Sophomore, Bailey Grisez said, “When we got walked into Miller’s, the elders reacted by putting a smile on their face. The most interesting thing that happened was when a guy came to our table with a few of us and started a game of scrabble.”

     After we walked around the building two or three times, we then went back inside and resumed the games we were playing. I sat at a table with two other residents and played Scrabble and a game called Make Seven. I had first played make seven with a lady that just liked to talk up and storm. She really didn’t want to play the game. After that lady left, a guy came over to our table and asked if we knew how to play scrabble. We then told him that we did. Without any hesitation, he wheeled his wheelchair over to a closet and found scrabble. When he came back over to our table, he got everything out of the box, laid each letter out and started playing.

     Overall, I had a great time spending time with different residents playing different board and card games. Each elder I talked to was so thrilled to talk to me and all of my classmates. This community service project was one to do again. Everyone had a great time going to Miller’s.

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  1. Josie Woolever on May 2nd, 2017 2:15 pm

    It sounds like you guys had a great time! I guarantee you made those people’s day just by being there. Great article.


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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Miller’s Merry Manor