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My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time

Part 1


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Gladiator is my favorite movie of all time. It has great acting and pacing and the story and dialogue are amazing. It is not tied down to just one genre. It is an action movie but it also has plenty of drama and political narrative to it. The movie stars Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius  and Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus. The movie is around three hours but never has a dull moment. It is a movie I have watched around 30 to 40 times and I recommend watching it as soon as possible.

My second favorite movie is The Mist. This horror movie is based on the book of the same title by Stephen King. The movie revolves around people in a small town that become stuck in a small convenience store when a dense mist rolls in. The mist is not the enemy it’s the monsters in the mist. The movie does a great job of setting up suspense and building up the characters. It is a great film to watch with an ending that is so heartbreaking I almosted cried. This movie stars Thomas Jane as David.  

Deadpool is my third favorite movie. It is a great action comedy filled with crude humor and witty dialogue. This movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson A.K.A Deadpool. This is not the kind of comic book movie that most people are used to. Having a hard R rating, Deadpool contains loads of graphic violence and some nudity and probably should not be seen by any children. But that being said, the adults probably should check it out.

My fourth favorite film is  Babadook, an Australian Horror Movie directed by Jennifer Kent. This movie is based around a mother of a young boy with behavioral issues. The mother also lives with just her son after his father died the night of his birth in a car accident. If this is not bad enough, things become strange when the boy has his mom read him a book he found. After reading it, the mom unknowingly releases the Babadook. This is a great psychological thriller that has some great commentary on depression.

The Nice Guys is my fifth favorite film. This humorous crime flick stars Ryan Gosling as a struggling private eye with a young daughter and Russell Crowe a a hired enforcer. The movie uses its humor and ruthless violence to make the movie a dark comedy with a lot of action. It does a great job of setting up characters through dialogue. The acting in this movie was great and was honestly overlooked at the box office. The only part of the movie that seemed to struggle was the plot. It wasn’t great and it wasn’t awful it was just ok. But other than that this movie was spectacular. It is one of those movies that can be watched over and over again and still be just as fun to watch.


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  1. Dakota Tharp on May 11th, 2017 8:32 am

    Good article. There are some good movies on this list, but I’d throw some Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption up there.


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My Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time