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Impact Teacher Essay- Mr. Krug


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About seven years ago I decided that I wanted to become a member of band. Following in my mother’s and brother’s footsteps, I joined marching band about three years later. I never realized how much of an impact that joining band would have on my life. More importantly, I never realized how great of an impact a band director had on my life.

Mr. Krug became my band director when I was in the sixth grade. My class became the first sixth grade class under the direction of Mr. Krug. Considering I heard many great stories about him from my mother and brother, I looked forward to having Mr. Krug as my director. Over the years I took the opportunity to become friends with Mr. Krug. I looked up to him as a mentor and friend rather than seeing him as just a band director. I attended band trips to Disney World and New York during my freshman and junior year, and I luckily had Mr. Krug as my chaperone for both. Mr. Krug became the person I came to for advice, help, or any questions I needed answered. As a matter of fact, Mr. Krug helped all of his students when help was needed. I believe every student needs to have a teacher like Mr. Krug at some point in his life.

Mr. Krug left a lasting legacy on the band program. When the Lewis Cass Marching Kings are mentioned, many people think of “the small town in the middle of a cornfield.” I, however, immediately think of Mr. Don Krug. He helped contribute in making myself the musician I am today. I play the French horn and it does not come easy to play this instrument; however, throughout the numerous years of summer lessons and marching seasons, Mr. Krug patiently walked me through the steps of becoming a great French horn player. Before having met Mr. Krug back in the sixth grade, I never pictured myself growing a passion for music. This year marks the seventh year that I have participated in band. I feel honored knowing that I had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Krug as both a teacher and a friend.

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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Impact Teacher Essay- Mr. Krug