Window to the Soul

We all feel alone at some point in our lives. It occurs for a lot of us in high school. We feel like outcasts, always trying to meet everyone’s standards. Most the time those standards never really matter, all that matters is that you’re happy with yourself. Let’s all just put on our brave faces and don’t let other people’s standards get to us.

I see trees only trees.

There is also a dog.

Yet I only notice trees.

The trees all stand together yet one tree stands alone.

Reminding me of myself standing in a crowd.

I hear wind.

The blowing wind.

Seeing the tree on its own triggers feelings.

Feelings I haven’t felt in quite some time.

I understand how the tree feels.

All on its own even if there are several others.

The tree still feels alone.

The wind, the wind is the voices of all the other trees.

The voices are judgmental, saying hurtful things.

Making the tree wonder if it’ll ever meet their standards of being as tall as them.

Yet the tree doesn’t want them to notice so it stands up straight.

Puts on a brave face and gets through the day.


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