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Building an Education


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Many classes available to take at Lewis Cass have good instructional value, but most do not have much purpose outside of the classroom instruction. Some of the classes offered, on the other hand, do a lot for the school and the students along with having good instructional value. Classes such as APST I, APST II, Landscape Management, and the manufacturing classes do work around the school while incorporating it into their lessons.

The APST classes constantly have project requests coming in from students, teachers, coaches, and other individuals within or outside of the school corporation. My APST II class brought a door into the shop from the the boy’s locker room to cut off and replace the broken hinges. Past projects have including assembling the new bleachers out by the baseball field along with designing and constructing the staircase up to the baseball classroom. Other projects the APST classes take on can deal with things such as fixing problems and going through checklists for cars that teachers or students bring into the shop. Students taking the class also have to bring in projects of their own to work on that fit the curriculum being covered at the time.

The landscape management and manufacturing classes do work around the school that would otherwise require paying people to do. The landscape management class creates and upkeeps all of the landscaping around the high school, and they even do some around the elementary. The manufacturing classes last year helped tear down the old rooms by removing power strips, ceiling tiles, chalkboards, and other things from the old rooms, lessening the workload of the custodians and speeding up the renovation process.

Overall, these classes contribute to the betterment of the school along with the betterment of the student’s cooperation skills, but at the same time cover the required curriculum just as any other class they could take.

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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Building an Education