Fatal Logansport Shooting


A little before 4 p.m. on Sunday evening, a shooting took place on Hana St. in Logansport, Indiana according to Pharos-Tribune website. More specifically, a murder-suicide. A female, 24-year-old Brooke N. Day and 41-year-old David L. Rush died from fatal gunshot wounds. Day lived at the home where the shooting took place, and according to the police, Rush was also a Logansport resident who lived at a different address. The two had been in a relationship, and police said reason to believe that Rush had been stalking Day may have existed. 

A statement made late Monday by the Logansport Police Department says that Rush went to Day’s house with evidence indicating that he had forced himself into her house while her toddler lay asleep in her home. He went to Day’s room and shot her to death. The toddler was not harmed in any way but now is growing up with no mother. Suicide alone is a horrible thought to face, but thinking about the fact that he had taken a young mother out of this world, and taken a mother’s daughter, and a daughter’s mother just makes me wonder why. Why didn’t he just take his own life? Why did he have to take someone else’s?

Multiple stories were going around about what happened on this day, but here is what I have to say: These things do happen. Granted, they don’t normally happen around here, so when it did, everyone was in a severe state of shock, but anything is possible. I think that no matter where these things happen that is it very scary, but when it is this close to home, that just takes fear to a whole different level. In fact, this incident happened right down the road from my boyfriend’s house, so when I first found out about, it my thoughts were immediately about wondering about the what ifs. What if he had gone to more than just one house? What if he walked down the road a little and decided that he wanted to murder some more people?

These thoughts are all so scary, and no one one should have to deal with them consuming their everyday lives, but it’s all just a scary part of life that sometimes we have to deal with. Anything could happen at any time and sometimes we tend to take people for granted. Just imagining how the families of these people must feel makes me more than devastated. Just think about what the family of Brooke Day must be going through right now, and also how David Rush’s family feels. One family’s daughter is gone and the other family’s son is the reason why. This is all very hard to comprehend, but it’s all real and happening today. Not only is it happening around the world, it’s happening in our backyards.

Police comments and information found on the Pharos-Tribune website.

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