Marvel Studios Strikes Again

The Defenders


Marvel Studios comes back again with yet another great show: The Defenders. The Defenders takes place in New York City following the stories of Luke Cage, Danny Rand, Matt Murdock, and Jessica Jones, in their battle against the infamous organization The Hand.


Luke Cage has a unique backstory; he was arrested and sent to Seagate Maximum Security Correctional Facility, where he was experimented on to earn time off of his sentence. These experiments left Cage unattended and in the scientists (from The Hand)  absence the machine was broken which gave Cage superhuman strength and bulletproof-skin. He has a personal vendetta to protect the neighborhood of Harlem.


Danny Rand: missing person, Immortal Iron Fist, protector of K’un L’un; Rand is a very intriguing character; he is often very brash but he almost always has good intention. The Iron Fist was not always a ninja with superhuman fighting skills; first he was the son of Wendell Rand, a wealthy businessman in New York City. The Rand Family was on vacation and The Hand arranged for the family jet to be taken out of the sky intending to kill all of the Rand Family. The Elders of K’un L’un rescued Danny and raised him to be the protector of their city.


The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock, is a blind lawyer who has managed to enhance his other senses making him a beast on battlefield. Matt has several internal conflicts in this series. When Matt is out as Daredevil, he is a masked identity; if his secret where to get out, then he would most likely go to jail.


Jessica Jones is a private investigator who has an alcohol problem. Jessica also has super strength, but she is not as invincible as Luke Cage. Jones has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time often while being extremely sarcastic to her captors. Jones might seem stern and melancholy but she always has the people of New York City safety as her main priority.


Will the Defenders save New York from the Hand? Will everyone come out of the battle unscathed? What are they fighting for? The show aired August 18th, 2017; because this show is from Netflix it released all nine episodes at once; we do not know when season 2 will air.  Stay tuned for more from Marvel/Netflix.

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