While everyone is focused on hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia, the most powerful earthquake in the century has struck Mexico. Although hurricane’s Harvey and Irma have caused and are causing the United States much damage and death, the same thing happened in Mexico and is predicted to happen in California.


The earthquake that hit the Southern part of Mexico began a little before midnight this past Thursday. It was felt by over 50 million people all across the country. An earthquake this big in Mexico hasn’t occurred for over 100 years. In 1985 a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit Mexico killing around 9,500 people in and around Mexico City. The cities of Oaxaca and Chiapas are closest to the earthquake’s epicenter. They were most likely hit the hardest. Around 45 people were killed in Oaxaca, 10 in Chiapas, and 3 in Tabasco, which is North of Chiapas. SInce then, they have installed an alarm system to help give a slight warning of an earthquake.


The most recent earthquake that just happened in Mexico was a wake up call that big earthquakes can happen. California is in the same position as Mexico, but they have been lucky so far but anything can happen. It was said by a seismologist that Los Angeles, California is trying to get the same alarm system as Mexico, stated in Los Angeles Times.


According to scientist, possibilities are high that Los Angeles could be hit with a magnitude 8.3 earthquake. Even though the same thing just happened in Mexico, if California does get an earthquake this, it could cause much more damage and death, said Rong-Gong Lin II and Raoul Rañoa. Unfortunately, California’s fault line goes through highly populated cities and it produces more intense shaking. The earthquake would greatly affect citizens in Salton Sea clear up to Monterey Country. San Andreas fault is roughly 750 miles long. The fault is only 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, this proves that there will be more damage and death..


Predictions have been made for what specific damage that could happen and how many could die. More than 900 could die from fire, more than 400 could die from steel framed buildings, more than 250 from other building damage, and lastly 150 could die from transportation accidents such as broken bridges and stoplights. Not including all the people dead, 50,000 have the chance of being injured, said Rong-Gong Lin II.


Right now, seismologists are trying to create an application for your smartphone to predict earthquakes. This app would work very similarly to the weather app but show chances for a major earthquake to occur in California. Predicting exactly when and where a catastrophic earthquake will strike next is impossible, scientists say, but they can try to give slight warnings to help save lives.

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