Second Chance Summer



Emotional heart and mind opener is what the readers call this book. Two words that would describe this whole book is perspective changer. Morgan Matson created this emotional ride called Second Chance Summer. This is the book that will leave you crying for a couple days, things to relate in your own view, and even highlight some of the quotes the main character talks about within the story. Second Chance Summer is beautiful and true that has an inspirational meaning with the characters lives.

The main character is a seventeen year old Taylor Edwards. Taylor is a girl that had it all: popular friends, an outspoken, confident best friend, and a first summer love all by her lake house at Lake Phoenix. Little did she know that Taylor has a turning point in her life that changes her lifestyle forever. Just like us teens we have too much going on within our lives and when one thing happens to your family, it can change the way you react to society. Edward’s life  changes when she heard about the man who has stage four pancreatic cancer and that only has three months to live. That man is her father. After avoiding the lake house for nearly five years because of the memories that was kept between the rooms and their dad’s condition, Taylor finds out that everything she had was gone. Her ex-best friend is now her rude boss at a snack shop, her popular friends are now swept passed her, and finally her first love re-enters her life with a new look that is cuter than before.

With all of the unexpected turns within the book,there nights full of laughter, confidence, and maybe even compassion into the book. Taylor wants to face her fears and difficulties without being the unusual runaway mindset and become the person her father wants her to be.  Her time is running out, but she has to debate with fate for the summer’s second chance. Will she be a new person? Will her father live? Will her life ever be the same again? Check out Second Chance Summer because you don’t want to miss out on the mind changer.

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