Top City in The Country


The Indiana city Fishers was named the #1 city in Best Places to Live 2017. It has been recognized for its fast growth in population and jobs. The Fishers suburb is full of young families and has an area designated for dining, shopping, and working. Many businesses are moving into the city which is about sixteen miles from Indianapolis. Fishers is full of entrepreneurs and full of room to add even more businesses. Good schools, people, and the economy are all prevalent in Fishers which is the main reason why it has become so successful.

Moody’s Analytics project a 11.6% growth in jobs by 2021. The city has a budget of about $90 million dollars to put towards redevelopment funds. This surge in money has attracted businesses to the city to relocate. Fishers invested in a start-up center called Launch Fishers which is larger than an acre at 52,000 square feet. The space is made to help technology teams and entrepreneurs a starting spot and allows them to grow overtime. “This space is great because along with the area to start up as networking is heavily supported” said Money. Businesses such as Stanley Security has moved to Fishers for the reason of the business-type environment and it brought almost 400 jobs along with it. Memory Ventures, a high-tech company came from California and was impressed. The CEO Anderson Shoenshock said “It gave me a sense that the city was very committed to this vision of building a city around entrepreneurship and driving economic growth through entrepreneurs.” This is a great statement because Fishers is full of entrepreneurs and has a set amount of money put back for new businesses and entrepreneur start-ups.

Don’t let the business-minded suburb blind you. There are many areas to hangout and relax with your family or friends in the large city. “The average home price is around $240,000,” says Realtor. With a population of 86,000, this city is very unique. Its farmers markets never shut down, and when it gets cold they move into an indoor facility. Restaurants and shops are scattered throughout downtown Fishers. They have the Nickel Plate District Amphitheater which hosts concerts in the summer, fall, and even in the winter. Fishers overall environment is wide and open. I’ve been to Fishers for a birthday party and it was full of activities to do. They have twenty-four parks and over a hundred miles of nature and trails. Fishers plans on including a new $40 million dollar area that will house about eighteen restaurants and some more things to spark the public eye. Now, traffic in Fishers would be thought of as heavy and full of congestion, but the roads are constantly widening and roundabouts are being put in.

When choosing the “best place to live” every year, Money looks for places with populations between 10,000 and 100,000. The magazine focuses on cost of living, the economy, education, housing crime, convenience, recreational amenities, and weather/pollution. That is why they picked Fishers, Indiana, because it follows through with all of its aspects. In 2010, Fishers was number eight on the list of “best places to live,” and in 2012 it was at number twelve. It proves to be a great suburb full of new opportunities. It’s even crazier to know that the best city in the country is less than a two hour drive away.  

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