I recently had the chance to go see the new movie Flatliners. I wanted to see this movie as soon as I saw the preview, but I didn’t think that I would actually get the chance to go and see it considering how busy as I am all the time, and then I did.

Flatliners is a thrilling and emotional kind of movie, but let me just say, it wasn’t much of what I was expecting. This movie is about a group of medical students who are all working in the same hospital but don’t all have the same idea of how they should be spending their time. One student in particular, Courtney, played by Ellen Paige, was more interested in studying what happens after someone dies. What do we see? Where do we go? If we are no longer living, then what are the occurrences that still happen in our brains so long after we are gone? She was going to find out.

Courtney eventually asked two other people, Sophia and Jamie, played by Kiersey Clemons and James Norton, to help her pursue this project that she had in mind, this project of flatlining. She wanted to see what it was like to die, but she needed their help because she wanted to come back to continue the study. While she is flatlined, she experiences things that she could barely explain. They eventually, after one minute, began the process of bringing her back to life, but something went wrong. In panic, Sophia, texted another student named Ray, played by Diego Luna, to come and help.

Ray immediately went to them as fast as he could to help, but someone had seen him and her curiosity got the best of her. So what did she do? She followed him. Now the character who followed him was named Marlo and she was played by Nina Dobrev. They both got to them in utter confusion and asked to be immediately told what was going on. Once they told them what the experiment was all about, the idea didn’t seem so good, and then there were the side effects.

Courtney began feeling refreshed and accessing things in her brain that would seem not humanly possible to access at all, but she did. Once the others picked up on this, they began to think that it might not be a bad idea after all, so more of them did it, all of them but one in fact. They experienced the good side effects as well, but it was too late for them to change what they had done by the time they began experiencing the negative effects. Each person had something that they felt guilty for, and this experience was going to make them noticeably aware of those guilty feelings. They haunted them.

At this point they were going crazy. It got to the unsatisfying point of one of them dying. All in all it was an awesome movie, but if you want to know the rest, who got killed, who’s haunting was what, or how did they fix things, you’d have to see for yourself.

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