Cabaret Poe


You are sitting in a dark room illuminated by only the faintest of glows. Suddenly a mysterious black figure appears next to you. As you turn to look at it, you do a double take for you didn’t see a face, but as quickly as it appears, it is gone. An eerie feeling settles but nevertheless you turn back to the play. The stage protrudes into the audience to which the actors often come down into the crowd. Each actor wears black Victorian clothes and has creepy circles under his or her big eyes giving them a type of… insane tactility. The music leaves you jumpy and the stories leave you fainthearted. Not to mention that you keep seeing things out of the corner of your eye.


Cabaret Poe is a musical based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, a man known for his horrific, insane short-stories that can captivate any reader. The musical contains stories such as “The Raven, The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart” and more. The whole cast consisted of four actors, one male and three females, who played their parts remarkably. There were funny, scary and sad pieces throughout the production that made the play worthwhile.


A female actress tells of the vulture eye while on either side of her two actors smack their canes on the ground in perfect unison to create the sound of a startling heartbeat, a man is bricked in wishing for the nonexistent cask of amontillado he was promised, the Victorians seek in vain to hide from the red death, and a woman is trapped, watching as the swinging pendulum gets closer and closer. You get thrown into each story, feeling as though you are experiencing it in person. Props are close enough to touch and you often were left in fear and wonder after each piece.


Cabaret Poe is an original Indianapolis musical that takes place at the Circle Center Mall. This will be the ninth year that the play takes place with the actors having only two weeks to practice! The play was written by Ben Asaykwee who also acts, composes and directs the production. Showing only in October, the play definitely fits the Halloween spirit. I would recommend this excellent play to anyone that enjoys a fun frightening time.


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