Cabaret Poe


I recently had the opportunity to go see the wonderful musical Cabaret Poe. In this musical the actor and actresses did an amazing job of throwing many of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories and poems into one big musical.

When the musical began, I do admit, I was somewhat confused. I did not realize at first that it was more than just one of Poe’s stories being told to us through song, so I began to concentrate a little harder and that’s when it hit me. I knew some of the stories already, so once I picked them out, I finally understood what exactly was happening. After that, I could not have been more intrigued. From “The Tell-Tale Heart” to “The Black Cat” and “The Black Cat” to “The Mask of the Red Death,” the way that these three performers threw these stories together was fantastic!

I do not very often find myself attending things such as plays and musicals, but after seeing this one, it definitely makes me want to attend more. I enjoyed so many things about this play, so let me begin with this one: the interactions. I never realized that in plays sometimes the actors will actually interact with the audience, but this cast did, and they made it fun. The way that they actually walked through our rows and spoke to us, and the humor that it brought into the musical as well made for an outstanding experience.

Not only were the interactions fun, and not to mention funny, but their acting and singing was incredibly outstanding. Not very many people are comfortable with being in front of a large crowd in general, let alone being in front of a large crowd dancing, singing, acting, and having to worry about if what you are doing is entertaining the crowd or not, and this group did that, and they did it exceptionally well especially the way that they used different facial expressions for different acts. Looking so terribly afraid when the red death was discovered and looking so crazy, for lack of better terms, when trying to hide the dead body of a man with a white eye.

I have not a bad word to speak of this performance. The whole show was absolutely amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and when I say anyone, I actually mean ANYONE. As I said before, I don’t attend plays, but I also said that this one makes me want to. From the way they interacted with us to the way that they humored us, this musical was very well arranged, practiced, and performed. Anyone could watch it and tell you the same thing. So I say Cabaret Poe was a spectacular, humorous, and all around amazing musical. Now go on, enjoy the show!

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