Ozark, a show that will keep you glued to the TV


How would you react if your father told you that you and your family have to move from the beautiful town of Chicago to a small rundown town in the middle of Missouri known as the Ozarks? No questions asked and none of your friends can know where you are going. In the Netflix Original show Ozark, Marty Byrde has no choice but to have his family uproot their entire lives just to be safe.

Marty Byrde, a financial planner, lives a very sad life. In the first episode Marty’s wife, Wendy, is caught cheating on him with an older, rich man. This is only the beginning of problems for the Byrdes. Marty soon finds out that his business partner tries to cheat a very dangerous Mexican drug cartel. With Marty’s life on the line, he quickly comes up with a way to repay the eight million dollars his partner owes: launder the money by investing in a summer resort in the middle of Missouri, the Ozarks. Del, the head of the cartel, will not hesitate to pull the trigger on Marty or his family. He makes it clear to Marty all he is worried about is his money. Will Marty deliver or will he ruin the lives of his entire family? While Marty’s teenage daughter Charlotte couldn’t hate him more, the Byrdes are trying to adjust to a new way of living. Marty must find a way to launder millions of dollars without the government taking notice. If you don’t understand how money laundering works, this show helps explains the ends and out of the whole process. Marty’s money laundering deal with Del has a deadline and it approaches sooner than Marty expects.

The Byrdes soon realize many secrets linger around the town. It seems that many lives are ruined just because the Byrdes have moved to town and disrupt the local businesses.  If you aren’t a fan of action, crime, or foul language, then Ozark is not the show for you. Although the plot line is one to die for, the show can get very intense. They’re dealing with a drug cartel. How could it not be intense? If you have some free time and are a Netflix subscriber, I highly recommend Ozark. This show will keep you glued to the television from the pilot episode to the finale. Will Marty and his family make it out alive?

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