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Halloween Adventures


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Do you have older siblings? I sure do, in fact, I have four older siblings! My sister Maddie lives in Noblesville just outside of Indianapolis. My older sister even has a eight year old son, Dominic. I also have a little brother, Ben, who is nine years old. These two boys are the perfect age to enjoy the Halloween season. This past All Hallow’s Eve all of my immediate family that lives in the Indy area migrated to Maddies house to experience fun with tricks and treats!


This evening started off just as you can imagine any day with nine people and a rambunctious puppy. I answered the first candy seeker at about 5:30; she was about five years old and wearing an orca whale costume; she was bustling with excitement! Right after

I answered the door for little Miss Whale Maddie’s dog, Oliver, escaped to chase after Miss Orca’s mother! After spending five minutes corralling Oliver back into the house, we had some more excited trick or treaters to give candy to.

This year I was on duty to take the boys around the sub

-division in search of friendly neighborhood candy sharers. Beforeh

and, the boys put on warm clothes because of the chilly mood of th

e night. We set out with the boys dressed as Hulk and Robin Hood. Ben, The Hulk, Was almost jumping up and down because of his excitement from the candy. Dominic was more content to ring the doorbell and use his “charm” as he would call it, to convince his neighbors to spare him some candy. Both Ben and Dom did not think it was


funny when I reached for them both and grabbed them, needless to say the both let out a bloodcurdling scream. Both of the boys returned home with a plethora of goodies to eat for the next few weeks.


When we returned to Maddie’s home, we walked in to discover my father after a long at work cooking dinner for everyone. He was carving a roasted chicken for the meal. Dad also had placed a tray of olive oil drenched green beans in the oven to bake while we were out having and adventure.Ben and I told laughed with everyone that dad just can’t seem to catch a break. Savannah, my sister who lives across the street, arrived later with various spooky baked goods for the family to enjoy.  We all seemed to have a have a pleasant dinner; especially my mother who always is happy to see so many of her children in the same room together. Mom expressed that it is always a nice treat to see all of her children “all grown up”.  Wewere only missing my older brother and his wife. It is always awesome when we all get together. All in all Halloween 2017 was a blast with many memories to remember. My family is the best.

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Halloween Adventures