school ties



This movie all in all was very good; it raised some very moral questions that one should ask himself if you find yourself in a similar situation. This movie has boys acting like boys which is easily relatable to the general public. I would recommend this movie for anyone who has a couple of hours to kill and a want for a more in-depth storyline.   An in-depth storyline is good if you want something more serious.]


My favorite character and protagonist, David Greene (Brendan Frasier),  is accepted into a Harvard Preparatory school, his entire life is flipped upside down.  Back home David is a practicing Jew in his local synagogue attending with all of his family, especially his father.  This prep school recruited David to lead their football team to win a championship title. David automatically hits it off with his classmates, and soon, becomes very popular on campus. When he hears his peers making nasty remarks about jews and communists on the first day, he decides he will keep to himself about being jewish.

Charlie Dillon (Matt Damond), the antagonist, is a high school football player at a Harvard preparatory school. He seems to be very relatable, in the sense that he was the best at everything until one factor in his life came and changed everything for him. He adds to the movie a feel of uneasy tension between himself and David. How would you react if you someone came into your life and changed everything for the worse? Charlie seems to be very prejudiced against people of the Jewish faith. Charlie comes from a family that traditionally attends Harvard. If he is to attend Harvard, he would be the fifth generation male in his family to attend. We find out the Charlie has a lot of pressure to do well at school from his family.

For the most part movies that have good substance you can watch and rewatch several times before one becomes bored with it; while, something more comedic loses its comedic effect the more you watch it. The more in-depth story line of School Ties would make me want to watch it again in the near future. You can find School Ties on Netflix.

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