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Being in a play, a great experience


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(Left to Right) Josey Frey, Alexis Darland, and Jordan Henry

I wasn’t too sure about joining drama. However, I learned I enjoyed it quite a bit. This play was fun to practice and perform. My character allowed me to do multiple things and expressions, and it was amazing performing with Josey Frey and Jordan Henry. My favorite part of the play is when Josey

brings out his shotgun. On Friday during our scene, he brought it out and surprised us all. That wasn’t in the script at all, but it was a nice addition. When the crowd laughs and reacts to us is when we have the most fun. Each night the crowd reacted, and we performed better because we fed off their reactions.

Being in this play was a lot of fun, and I met new people. We all enjoyed the play. We acted well in our part, performed, and had fun all three nights. We helped each other get ready with makeup and costumes. I had a lot of help with painting train car as well, and we were excited when it was finished. I was so relieved when it was done.  I will remember this play along with everyone else because we’ve worked hard and put too much into it to forget it.

Play review from McKenna Wolf

Having never been to one of the school plays before, I wasn’t sure what to expect; however, what I had in mind was certainly not what it was in any way. This play was hilarious and kept me laughing the entire time. Personally, my favorite scene was the final scene when Maggie and Ferris Wheeler confess their true feelings for each other in a way that none of us thought would come about. The best actor/actress in my opinion was Sheriff Al Catchum. We knew this would be an entertaining character just from the name, but the actor, Matt Droll, fulfilled this part wonderfully and put his everything into making the crowd laugh and keep our attention. The only thing I had a real problem with was keeping all of the families straight. Throughout most of the play, I thought I just couldn’t keep up on who was married to who and what kids belonged to what parents. Then at the end there was a twist in which one of the families had gotten separated and they were close to eachother the whole time and didn’t even realize it until they finally ran into each other by accident.  I would have recommended this play to anyone that was slightly interested because it was most certainly worth the money and I can’t wait to go to the spring play.

(left to right) Arianna Martinez, Matt Droll, and Quinton Walker

Play review from Bryce Reish

The play put on over the weekend was very enjoyable. I know each of the actors personally and some of them had parts that fit them like a puzzle piece. The storyline was easy to follow, the props and scenery made the story clear, and the costumes fit appropriately with each character’s overall persona.  

My favorite singular scene involved Myrtle played by Josie Fry. Josey’s Character was a female which made it even better. The character didn’t have many long worded parts, but when Josey randomly yelled “GONE” or “I HAVE MY SHOTGUN” I was laughing every time. It was so unexpected and when he flailed his arms in the air it was hard not to crack a smile.

My individual favorite character was Bobby, played by Connor Claypool. I enjoyed watching Connor act because he was very into the character, in reality it seemed like the character was the closest thing to actual Connor you could get. One thing that makes Claypool great at what he does is his ability to make his mistakes funny. On one occasion during premier night he accidently messed up his line, but was able to improv a few lines and make his mistake not only fit in with the play, but make it better.

Overall, the play was very enjoyable and I’m extremely proud to have had the opportunity to see the outcome.

(left to right) Josey Frey, Matt Droll, and Jordan Henry

Play review by Kallie Nies

My favorite part of the play was when Maggie (Taylor Miles) was talking about her horoscope to Bobby (Conner Claypool) about how the love of her life was going to walk through the door. Bobby was talking about how he walked through the door and Maggie got so annoyed with Bobby she slapped him across the face numerous times throughout the play. Ferris (Jason Knight) is suppose to be Maggie’s love, but Bobby kept annoying Maggie until she got fed up and hit him. Throughout the play, Bobby wouldn’t give up until Maggie loved him.

This scene got my attention because it used humor. Bobby had been in love with Maggie for so long and he thought he was the love of her life. When Ferris came into Maggie’s life Bobby was pushed out of the way, even though Maggie would have never gave him a chance, and Bobby’s mom was disappointed Maggie wasn’t in love with Bobby. Maggie almost attacked Ferris as he walked in, and she unintentionally made Bobby jealous. This is humorous because everybody has had a first love and most of the time that person would end up loving another person making the person who originally jealous.

Taylor Henry
(left to right) Matt Droll, Taylor Miles, Connor Claypool

Play review by Lilly Swanson

Friday night before a long sad drive to a mournful funeral I took my sister to see Running Out of Luck. We went and saw the students put on a play where an old run down town called Luck had gotten some visitors after they jumped off a train. My favorite part was when Bobby, or Conner, would mock one of the other characters, including his love interest Maggie. I thought it was comical how he would put his hands on his hips and wiggle his body in jerky movements. Seeing this and having participated in drama once, I can’t help but wonder how long it took for him to put that little bit of his personality into his character. Every time he never failed to make me crack a smile. Although this occurred more than once, it is still my favorite part of the play because I think that is what drama should be. I think the actors should embrace their character entirely and in doing so allowing bits of themselves to seep in, which is what Conner masters in Running Out of Luck. Conner’s mockery gave the play a sense of comedy in intense moments such as when Jason Knight’s character, Ferris Wheeler, was trying to win Maggie’s heart with his Italian accent. Conner’s wittiness was so prominent in Bobby that I often found myself questioning where Bobby’s personality and his which is why I really enjoyed seeing him onstage throughout the play.

Jason Knight as Ferris Wheeler


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3 Responses to “Being in a play, a great experience”

  1. Abigail J Drake on December 12th, 2017 11:17 pm

    I think that being involved in drama is a great way to make new friends and to find a way to come out of your shell. I honestly am a very shy person and I hardly ever talk to anyone unless I’m with my friends then it’s a new ball park, but when I’m up on the stage I feel more confident than I normally would talking in front of people. I don’t know if it’s because I’m playing a character or what but I just feel so much more confident with speaking in front of people when I’m up on stage. I highly recommend trying out for the Spring play.

  2. Hallie Diaz on December 15th, 2017 3:02 pm

    Being a part of Runnin’ Out of Luck was such a great experience! I love being on stage and performing with my friends and practicing after school. It is sometimes a challenge to juggle homework, but you get better at it. It’s so much fun, and I’d definitely recommend it. Great article Alexis, and very nice reviews !

  3. Brenden Levine on December 20th, 2017 2:47 pm

    It was so good! I loved seeing my friends up on stage doing a great time!

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Being in a play, a great experience