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My Wisdom Teeth Experience


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Going to get my wisdom teeth out, I had the impression the process was going to be like a trip to the dentist. The famed videos on the internet of people coming out of surgery gave me this impression because nobody seems to ever record his or her recovery. I soon found out how difficult and complex this surgery is compared to what social media perceives it to be. Nothing about the process is as easy as people portray it to be. Getting your wisdom teeth out still categorizes as a medical procedure and each medical procedure takes a toll on the body, but each person has a different experience.

In the week of getting my wisdom teeth out, many people claimed they had a very easy recovery, but others also said they had a terrible recovery. This made me wonder what kind of recovery I would have after my surgery. Would I be eating chips and going out the next day, or would I be in agonizing pain and not be able to do anything for a long time? Hating the unexpected, I was really nervous going into the surgery. I had also never had surgery before so I didn’t what to expect with the procedure either, and this added to my stress leading up to the event.

 It came the day of the surgery, and I got a total of about 30 minutes of sleep because of the nerves which were consuming me. As soon as we walked into the building that morning, the doctor and nurse were ready for me to go back immediately and start the surgery. I gave my mother and father and aunt a hug and went on back for my surgery. I signed my consent form saying I knew everything that could happen during surgery and gave the doctor the go ahead to do what he needed to do during surgery if a problem should arise. He started my anesthetic and all I remember is being in my chair at my house.

The next week proved to be pretty difficult. What everybody doesn’t say is the intolerance for the same food over and over again which drove me absolutely crazy. I noticed if I kept icing continuously it would keep the pain away. I had no excruciating pain until the third day. This was the day I started to take less pain medication, but it was not a good idea. After this day each day started to get better, and the doctor told me I was healing well and was clear to eat what I wanted. Everybody has different experiences when having this procedure and I was happy to share mine.

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2 Responses to “My Wisdom Teeth Experience”

  1. Hayden Vest on December 4th, 2017 7:58 pm

    Great article! I like how you described what you heard about the procedure versus how it happened in reality. I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth out yet and I’m not looking forward to it. Good job!


  2. Morgan Miller on December 5th, 2017 8:38 am

    I am supposed to get my wisdom teeth out sometime in the next six months. I had no idea what to expect, but this article was very helpful in honestly describing each step of your experience. Great article!


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My Wisdom Teeth Experience