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America was founded on the concept of equality

A free people headed towards a life of prosperity

The state of being equal in status, rights, and opportunity

All citizens stand in unity

In the beginning the concept was tainted

But Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks brought us back on the ideas in which America was created

Peaceful protests and speaking for what was right allowed a minority to take a stand

Once again America stood hand-in-hand

Today some still drift from the concept of fairness

But Americans believe that every person has a purpose

We should strive for a country where equality of opportunity overpasses equality of outcome

And we will see this through what our citizens become

Everyone should have a shot at their dreams

No matter what subject makes them gleam

Feminists have stood up for what is right

Giving women a reason to stand up and fight

Equal pay and equal rights

These women give America her might

We fall back on the 56 men who signed for this government

And we hold these truths to be self evident

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