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Helping Hands


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     Why wouldn’t anyone want to help others in need? Many people have the urge to help others, but, on the other hand, many people think they are the best and they don’t need to help anyone but himself.

     I have had many instances where I have helped someone whether it be on schoolwork or on the court. I have helped many people do many things, but I think the most helpful thing I’ve ever done is when I helped my grandpa throw bails of hay from a hay wagon into his haymow.

     Last year, my grandpa was in need of someone to put 100 bails of hay in his haymow to stock up for winter. When he first talked about getting hay, I asked him who was going to put it in the haymow. He said, “Oh I don’t know, if I can’t find anyone, I’ll just do it.” I then thought, yeah right, grandpa your 75 years old, with a bad back. Although he’s 75 and has a bad back, I knew he wasn’t joking. A few days had gone by and I asked if he had found anyone and he hadn’t. I then told him I wanted to do it to make sure he didn’t decide to do it on his own.

     Before I started, I told him not to lift anything. As I started to lift the first bail, he went to feed and water all of his animals. After a few minutes and almost 25 bail thrown in the haymow, my grandpa had finished his chores and asked if I needed any help. I then said, “I’m fine.” I added, “It’s not as bad as I thought it would be; it’s just a little warm.” I then kept throwing them up one by one, and each bail I threw up, it felt as if the temperature was going up five degrees per bail. He then sat, relaxing on the feed barrel, and watching myself and his donkey chomp down of the grain.

     One by one, I kept tossing them in the haymow, listening to my grandpa tell old stories. I have always loved listening to stories from the past about his favorite pastimes.

     For example, he mentioned when he was about 13 years old; he and his friends from high school including Jim Birnell, Donnie Mullens, and Jim Hammond played basketball in an old red barn. He said they used to play in the haymow with someone always getting thrown off the edge, resulting in someone breaking a bone. He also mentioned someone always ended up throwing fists. He said, “No matter what went on in the haymow, it always stayed in the haymow or our parents would never let us play up there.”

     Although it was hotter than a camp fire, I finished all 100 bail, stacked them, and listened to my grandpa’s pastimes. A tiring but fun time, anytime I can help someone, especially my grandpa whom I love, I will always be the first to help!  


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4 Responses to “Helping Hands”

  1. Hayden Vest on January 5th, 2018 9:47 am

    It’s great to see that there are people like you who enjoy helping others that need help! I bet your grandpa has a lot of interesting stories that he has told you. Good article!

  2. Caleb Johnson on January 5th, 2018 11:48 am

    I enjoyed reading this story Dixon, I too have helped my grandpa out with throwing bails of hay. I liked how you described the stories he told you about his time as a kid. Great Story!

  3. Westin Miller on January 5th, 2018 3:16 pm

    Awesome Story Dixon! I enjoy reading stories about people lending a hand to others, especially if the hand goes to a family member. I like how you said your grandpa was not joking about stacking the hay himself. I can see him doing it because of his personality from when I see him at church or out in public. Keep up the good work and do not stop lending a hand for the people who need help!

  4. jpric71 on April 25th, 2018 11:25 pm

    I helped a farmer last year and I absolutely understand the pain. It seems to get hotter and hotter especially when it wasn’t very cold to begin with. Nice article!

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