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“What Will Be Will Be”; “The Writing on The Wall”

Two poems


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“What Will Be Will Be”

Flying through the wind

As if she were a bee 

Saying the words “What will be will be”

Having no doubts

Seeing no fears

Her soul pushed on for years and years

Conquering the day

And days before

She laughs without fear due to what she has endured

Traveling through life

Like a sailor and the sea

Saying the words “What will be will be”

“The Writing on The Wall”

The writing on the wall

Oh how it tells it all

All your troubles and fears

All your doubts through the years

Oh how each brick tells your story

Each built up so high

To protect you from the feelings hidden inside

On how the writing on the wall  

So thick yet so small

Stacked together, locked tight

Under lock and key at night

Like leaves withering away in the fall

It’s hard to read the writing on the wall

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“What Will Be Will Be”; “The Writing on The Wall”