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Poor Johns is BACK


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The community favorite Poor John’s is making it’s return to Galveston by late February or early March. Bobby Baldwin is planning on opening the place back up and will be again serving the community of Galveston from their old location.

Poor John’s was open for about thirty years when they closed their doors in 2010 because Baldwin was looking for a normal day job. He worked for Duke energy for seven years but then took a job back in food just recently but quit after 10 days.

“The simple fact for me is that this must be what I was born to do because it is the only thing I’ve done, work-wise, that has made me satisfied at the end of the day,” Baldwin said. “I realized, once I got back around people and the food side of it, that what I was really missing was Poor John’s.”

My dad supplied Bobby with that ten day job back in food services that inspired him to open Poor John’s back up. He runs an assisted living facility in Kokomo and wanted to hire Bobby as his chef. Indirectly the community has my dad to thank for bringing Poor John’s back to the community, but of course we all have Bobby to thank from bringing back a town favorite.

He plans on filling the menu with traditional favorites from the restaurant including whitefish, breaded tenderloins, mushrooms, breaded cauliflower, and baked spaghetti. I am excited to go back to Poor John’s and feel the nostalgia as my family used to eat there all the time. My brother worked there when he was in high school so our family spent a lot of time there.

With the competition of finding part time jobs, having another place for teenagers to work will be a great asset for the town. Poor John’s will not only give teenagers a place to work but also another place for us to hang out. Having the restaurant back in town, we won’t always have to drive to Kokomo or Logansport to get food and hang out somewhere.

Many people are excited for the return of Poor John’s and a whole new generation of Galvestoners will get to experience the hometown cuisine. Be sure to support all the local businesses but give Poor John’s some consideration when you’re headed out to eat, you won’t regret it.

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5 Responses to “Poor Johns is BACK”

  1. Dixon M Collins on February 8th, 2018 1:47 pm

    This is a dream come true for many people. Poor Johns is what I think is one of the best fast food restaurants in our small community. I can’t wait for the opening to come! Great article!


  2. Holly Widner on February 15th, 2018 11:48 am

    I cannot wait for Poor John’s to open back up. I absolutely loved everything they had there! I’m glad that Galveston is trying to expand with adding this back into our area. Great article!


  3. Drew Cornell on February 15th, 2018 2:33 pm

    Nice article, McKayla. I remember the car shows Bobby used to hold in the lot. The food was great and people were friendly. I am excited to see people and their reactions to the reopening. I think any place that gives part-time jobs to teenagers can be a benefit not only to the community, but to the parents and the kids. Thank your dad for me!


  4. jpric71 on February 21st, 2018 2:51 pm

    I have never gone to Poor John’s. I am so excited to have the chance to go there now. It’s great to have some background information about the restaurant too. Nice article.


  5. Ashli Key on March 5th, 2018 10:04 am

    Great article! I think a lot of people feel the exact same way you do when talking about Poor John’s. I think you did an amazing job at including how you and your family used to go there and how you explained the excitement of the restaurant. I think you did a great job!


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Poor Johns is BACK