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Firearms: A Major Part of My Life


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When I was a child, I had no knowledge or interest of firearms and how they functioned.  My main focus was what toy do I want to play with today or what is there to watch on the television.  Even though I enjoyed playing and watching cartoons, it all changed on my eighth birthday. This birthday is where firearms made an impact on my life, and they made me want to learn more about the history behind them.

My family purchased me a Marlin 795, a great starter rifle, and I was filled with excitement.  The gun was the perfect size for me, and since it was chambered in .22 caliber, the recoil was little to non existent .  My first instinct was to immediately go out in the backyard and fire off a couple of rounds, but that was not possible due to the fact of it being completely dark outside.  I did not know the basics of using a firearm.  The next day, my dad and I went out and shot aluminum cans and whatever else we saw besides any hard surfaces because I preferred not to go to the hospital from the ricochet.  Once I felt the recoil travel through my shoulder, I knew I found one of my weaknesses in life.  My family must have felt the same way too because everyone got bit by the gun bug.

My family comes from people who serve in the military to the average farmer with the occasional city slicker.  Firearms were a way of life for them.  My cousins, my uncles, my grandpas all hunted and provided food for the family.  My great-grandpa was a farmer, and a gun was his special tool because he processed his own meat. Even though I’ve never been hunting or processed meat, I knew how important it was to get food.  On average, my family members probably had a minimum of four firearms per household.  The firearms would range from a pistol to a high caliber rifle, and everybody had a shotgun.  It would not matter if someone in the house didn’t like firearms. The home always contained a shotgun.

When it comes to firearms, I’m open to all of them.  People can talk about any firearm, and I’ll be interested because of the history behind them.  From the Revolutionary War to the present wars, something always peaks my interest about each and every firearm.  The era I prefer the most would be World War II.  From the bolt action rifles to the hard hitting light machine guns, these firearms were important to the war. The firearms from this era shows what the soldiers went through due to the battle worn scars on the weapons.  One of my favorite guns played a major part in the war too. The top dog is the classic, standard issue 1911. This firearm was known as being reliable and very common on the battlefield.  Since the 1911 peaked my interest so much, I had to get one..  Even though it’s not from World War 2, it’s still valuable to own.

Firearms have played a huge part in my life.  They have been used for many occasions, and my family will continue to use them. I, on the other hand, will be feeling sorry for my future wife because I’ll have a gun addiction. It’s all because of the gunpowder, brass, and lead all flowing through my veins.

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2 Responses to “Firearms: A Major Part of My Life”

  1. bhamm56 on February 5th, 2018 10:36 am

    I love this article Westin! I’ll be right there with you apologizing to my future wife for my addiction with guns. I can’t wait to get my concealed! Great article!


  2. Gabe Eurit on February 6th, 2018 9:55 pm

    Very cool article! Being around firearms myself, I can understand where you are coming from. There is no better feeling than recoil! I like how you talked about getting your first firearm and shooting it. I will never forget the day I got mine.


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Firearms: A Major Part of My Life