A look into the Outsiders


Literature surrounds us each and every day. Whether we enjoy it or hate it, it will always be around. Books around the world can influence a person to start looking deeper into his life. Most books teach about important lessons and values. Personally, my favorite books are the types that make someone stop and think about reality. Sometimes people get so caught up in expectations they don’t think of how blessed they are in reality.

A book that has influenced me in that type of way is The Outsiders, a book about a teenage boy named Ponyboy. He was considered a Greaser which are worst enemies with the Socs, also known as the rich kids. Ponyboy had a best friend named Johnny; they were normally together getting in some kind of trouble. They always got themselves into bad situations with the Socs till one day it got too out of hand.

The Socs decided to fight Ponyboy; they found him in the park one night with Johnny, and they decided to hold his head under water in the fountain. Johnny was scared and just wanted to help so he pulled out his switchblade to scare the Socs. The scare turned into a bigger problem after stabbing one of the Soc members. Johnny and Ponyboy decided the only way to get out of the mess was to run away. By the end of the book, they decide they would turn themselves in, but a tragic accident happens and only one of the boys survives. I would tell you, but no one enjoys spoiler alerts.

Ponyboy considers himself as an outsider because he didn’t know the difference between right and wrong in his society. This is why this book influenced me the most. People still relate to that message today. People grow up in different places, in different homes, and in different ways. We all have a tendency to mimic or learn from the actions of others in the process of growing up. This can be a positive or negative effect in a child’s life. Luckily, I am blessed enough that I grew up surrounded by great people who love and care for me.

The Outsiders takes a look into reality. I think what I love about this book is that it makes me feel beyond blessed. I take a look at my life and realize how much worse it could be. I wake up every morning and almost always have something to complain about. I don’t ever stop and think about how good life truly is. Looking at all the struggles Ponyboy and Johnny go through really opened my eyes to this thought. This book made me look and realize the different cliques we have at school. The cliques nowadays are not a matter of rich and poor, it is all about popular and unpopular, who can get the most likes on Instagram, and who is better looking. It shouldn’t be that way though because it could cause issues just as it did in the book.

Overall, if I were sitting at home or even bored out of my mind, the last thing I would do is pick up a book and read. However, this book was not a waste of time. I really enjoyed and thought it was a great story. If you like stories that dive into a look at reality, I would definitely recommend it.

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