The Series of All Genres – Mickey Bolitar


Everybody has a love for a certain genre. Popular genres vary from things like romance to sports and even mystery. It isn’t very often that people will find a book, let alone an entire series, that contains a little bit of just about every genre. That is exactly what Harlan Coben did in the 2011 Mickey Bolitar mystery series.

The Mickey Bolitar series is a sequence of three books that coincide with one another. The plot of the books capture Mickey Bolitar as he goes through the most up and down year he’s ever experienced. His life is turned upside down when his father dies in a sudden car crash and he is forced to move high schools to live with his Uncle Myron. While at this new high school, Mickey makes some unusual friends for somebody of his looks and ability. Mickey is a 6’4” basketball player who is very competitive with the people at his school. Through all of these experiences, Mickey tries to solve a local school drug scandal and finds ties between his father’s death and the Holocaust.

I really like how Harlan Coben wrote this series. He wrote it in a way that allows the reader to make his own predictions on different aspects of the story. The reader becomes really involved in the book as Coben includes many characters that just about anybody can relate to. The series includes nerds, jocks, goths, and just about any social clique you can think about. The drama that goes around in the school really helps teenagers connect with what could be possible problems with them at their school. Coben displays a great amount of awareness in this series. He knows who his audience is and really relates this series to the reader. The series also has tons of cliffhangers and “on the edge of your seat” moments that keep the reader engaged.

This series was the first full series I’ve ever read. It really introduced me into upper level reading and allowed me to get a sense of high school as an 8th grader. I am not much of an avid reader, but with this series I couldn’t put the book down. I was racing to the library every week to get the next book. These books affected my introduction into upper level reading and have made me the reader I am today.

Coben really tried to make these stories for just about anybody. It is classified as a mystery series, but it is just about every genre. He gives you a little bit of everything which makes this series hard not to love. The combination of mystery, romance, and just about all of the cliffhangers a person could want makes this series a must read.

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