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Pushing Forward


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Life is like a mechanical pulley.

It will take people from their highest point

To the person’s lowest, darkest gully,

Where they witness absolute disappoint.


From personal life to reality,

They will have a challenging time coping,

And some lose it all to mortality.

I’m here to tell you all to start hoping


Because life can be more than a burden.

Nobody should try to stop advancing

And act like the French soldiers at Verdun.

The human race will embark on glancing


At the personality you display.

Yes! This needs to be their mood everyday!


Be determined to move further ahead;

Conquer the obstacles blocking the path,

And don’t let them lead you to your deathbed.

You force them to feel your absolute wrath!


You make them bleed and start begging to stop!

Not doing this, they’ll put you to the ground.

Control them as if they were a show prop,

Control them like a hunter with a hound,


Because obstacles are controlled by man.

They will reappear harder and stronger,

But you’ll be ready with an action plan.

Don’t tolerate their crap any longer


Because after all, you are a fighter

And your future will be a lot brighter.

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One Response to “Pushing Forward”

  1. Delanie Deeter on March 16th, 2018 1:46 pm

    I love the meaning and thought put behind your work! The message at the end leaves the reader so uplifted. Your rhyme scheme is easy to follow and well thought out. Your diction makes perfect sense as well. Thank you for sharing!


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Pushing Forward