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Kokomo Career Center CEO Class


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The Kokomo Career Center offers a multitude of classes available for students willing to sign up. One of the many classes offered is called CEO which stands for “Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities.” I plan on taking this class next year because of all the amazing things I’ve been told by Mrs. Hanneken.

Josh Hanlon, a senior taking this class, told me about the CEO and how the class differed from other classes. “You will visit many different businesses all around Kokomo, learning behind-the-scenes, information that will help you become successful.” This seems to be very useful especially if you plan on owning a business. Learning business techniques and how much work goes into any certain job certainly allow for a better understanding of running a business.

Classes seem to be quite small. Nearly 15 students are in a class. Being in a business, though, 15 students may seem like a bit much. It would be like having an employee meeting following somebody everywhere and asking questions about everything. Josh said he would still encourage students to take the class even if they were not going into the business field. “The class teaches you communication skills and equips you with so many connections that you’ll use for the rest of your life.” He told me there are business management and marketing classes. I know there is also an accounting class at the Career Center along with Business Math here at Cass. These classes would all be beneficial to anybody going into the business field.

I recommend taking Business Math to anybody who plans on moving out of his/her house some day. The class is not just about business. In fact, not much is directed towards owning your own business. The class teaches you more about your own paycheck and anything you’ll need in your life. It covers owning a house, taking out a mortgage, doing your taxes, creating and advertising a product, etc… The class seems to be the math portion of PCC and Econ that aren’t covered as much. The math isn’t very difficult but there are many more aspects to the class that increase the difficulty

When questioned about the difficulty of CEO, Hanlon said, “The class is all hands on. We never have homework or even do work in class. It’s strictly just communication. The class is not hard by any means. You just have to pay attention and participate.” If you consider yourself socially awkward and hate talking to people, then this may not be the class for you; however, this class could also help you to come out of your shell. I know often times I stutter when I speak if I feel uncomfortable in a situation. As soon as I started working and was forced into a situation in which I had to communicate on a regular basis, my stuttering seemed to stop. Taking CEO could possibly improve my confidence within just one year so that I may talk to anyone without breaking a sweat. That reason alone is enough for me to take the class.

I hope you were enlightened by this article. If you have any questions about CEO, contact Ms. Hanneken immediately so as to get the forms that are due no later than March 9.

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  1. Caleb Johnson on March 9th, 2018 2:52 pm

    I enjoyed reading this article a lot because you described the class sizes, and the many opportunities you get from the program. You even talked about what classes to take in order to help your case in terms of owning your own business. Great Article!


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Kokomo Career Center CEO Class