An Understanding of School Shootings

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An Understanding of School Shootings


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To know the difference between a school shooting and a shooting is important in our world today. Mr. Bonnel, the principal at Lewis Cass High School, mentioned that we need to distinguish the difference of what is actually a school shooting and what is not. I sat down to interview Mr. Bonnell March 12, on Monday morning, asking about his opinion on school shootings. Our principal was very happy to answer any question that I had to ease my horrid thoughts of what could happen.


Mr. Bonnell started off by explaining the importance of being able to recognize what the actual shootings are, such as Sandy Hook and the Nicolas Cruz shooting, and knowing what the motives for that shooter were. Then Mr. Bonnell listed two problems that could be motives a shooter could have that could also prevented. We do not know the thoughts or feelings of these mass shooters, and obviously these shooters will have had a reason to kill innocents and take lives by risking their own.


The first reason as to motives of shooters Mr. Bonnell mentioned is the “Lack of mental and behavioral health sources available to people and mostly students.” I cannot agree more with this reasoning of Mr. Bonnells. If students and people outside of school were able to get the help they needed for personal psychological issues, then maybe mass shootings would not be such a huge issue as they are today. Some people out in our world may have a lack in money and cannot afford to pay their way to better themselves mentally or physically resulting in wild scenarios. The second reasoning Mr. Bonnell gave me was about having well educated staff members to recognize those negative signs of people. I will also agree with this reasoning because if a person is seeking attention in odd ways, then that person obviously needs some help. I think both of those reasonings of Mr. Bonnell make sense and are very thoughtful.


Mr. Bonnell had also enlightened me about the social issues that kids may have. If a kid does not have much of a social life, that can drive a kid crazy and not understand what is normal and what is not. That kid could be an outsider and take out his unsocial life on others through a school shooting. Then there are those kids who struggle with their home lives and by not being social at school, and not having a good home life that can cause mental issues among that child. Mr. Bonnell said, “The steps of safety go along with socialization of students.” I believe that is very true. A student needs to be able to talk to peers in situations such as a school shooting to get through those bad situations.


Mr. Bonnell informed me he has trust in our school procedure and an outlook of what our school procedures are and he said he felt very confident that our procedures were safe and trusting. Due to keeping our safety rules and procedures private to only the staff, parents, and students of the school, I will not be posting the step by step procedures Mr. Bonnell told me about. Although Mr. Bonnell did mention that our school and community are very involved with the Cass County Sheriff’s Department and that if there is a possible threat, the department will let us know.

  I am very confident in what our school procedures are now that I have spoken with Mr. Bonnell. We cannot prevent all school shootings, but we can look for signs of possible threats and try to get those threats the help they need before they do harmful things. Our world is full of crimes and the rate of school shootings is only increasing, but we cannot be afraid of what might happen. We have to focus on what is happening in the moment and be in the moment rather than in the possibilities that could come in that moment.

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