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Lewis Cass Honors Parkland Victims


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When a tragic event happens, it is remembered through statistics and facts. It is not remembered by personal information about victims. When sitting in a history class, we tend to learn the history of events through numbers: how many casualties were in this war and how many victories were made by this country. Granted, statistics do help us learn more about the world around us and can help prevent future events from happening. However, tragic events deserve much more recognition than just being labeled with a number.

Lewis Cass High School went above and beyond the call of duty to honor those that lost their lives in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. During mentor period on Wednesday, March 14, students and teachers were instructed to watch a video made by senior Brooke Nelson. The video included names, pictures, and facts about each of the victims. Not only did the video make this tragic event more realistic, it also made these victims much more than another statistic.

Both the students and teachers found the day to be very successful. Mr. Barnett said, “I appreciate the video and how it honored the students and staff of Parkland school.  I think it was impacting for my 8th graders because some of the victims were just one year older than them. I heard some good discussion after the video with some of my 8th graders.  The Walk Up not Out was a great way to combat the problem of school violence. Encouraging students to reach out to fellow students is such a positive approach to dealing with the current climate we have.  Thanks to the students, staff, and administration for being proactive about handling the events of the day.”

Sarah Walker, senior, said, “I think we should do more discussions about current events in the world. I think the discussion not only informs students about current events, but it also introduced other ways to grieve and honor victims during tragic times.”

The Parkland, Florida school shooting was a traumatic event that I hope never happens here at Lewis Cass or any other school around the country. If an event like this were to happen here, I would hope another school gives us the same honor and respect that we gave to Parkland. Each victim deserves to be remembered for who he/she was before his life was taken through such vicious acts; these victims are so much more than just victims in a school shooting. They all had stories to tell, and now, it is up to us to tell their story for them to ensure that they will never be forgotten.

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  1. Delanie Deeter on March 20th, 2018 2:25 pm

    I love that we make such a big deal at school on such an important topic. It’s so great how you help step up to the plate and get things accomplished. In order to make change we need to make aware of the true dangers in the world. Thank you for sharing.


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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Lewis Cass Honors Parkland Victims