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Behold The Lamb


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Some movies or books may ask you to imagine a time when cavemen walked the Earth; instead, this play, Behold The Lamb, asks you to imagine a time when Jesus walked the Earth. A short narrative is used to set you up for the remainder of the play by explaining some of the events you would soon witness.

Taking you from the beginning to the end, Behold The Lamb leads you through the life of Jesus Christ. There were few points in the performance with actual speaking roles. The songs throughout give most of the information needed to understand what is happening. If the play was an audiobook, you would be able to imagine all that is happening around you.

As the story progresses, the show seems to become more immersive. At one point in the show, the cast members interact with the audience. I won’t tell you everything because it’s best for you to experience it all for yourself. I just thought I would warn you ahead of time so you don’t freak out when people talk to you. I was too surprised to even react to anything being said.

Behold The Lamb has become very popular and people go back nearly every year. It is shown in Noblesville High School each year before Easter. Standing in line, I talked to a few people who had already seen the play. They loved it so much they decided to come back again. Tickets sold out almost as soon as they were on sale; I was lucky enough to get mine. It took one day for the show to sell out and there are five showings!

It is an amazing religious experience and a lot of fun. Tickets are less than a dollar online. Watch for the tickets to go on sale next year so you can get a seat. It is an amazing religious experience and a lot of fun.

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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Behold The Lamb