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Weird Al Concert Review Accordion To Me


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Last Thursday, my father and I watched Weird Al Yankovic at the Honeywell center. This famous parody artist has been performing for over 30 years and is just as laugh-out-loud funny now as he was before. Weird Al has gained his fame by creating various parodies from artists including Madonna, Nirvana, Queen, and The Offspring.

Throughout his tour, which was hilariously named the “Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour,” Weird Al didn’t sing all of his famous parodies for the audience. Instead, he performed songs that he created on his own. Most had inspiration from other bands, but they were not parodies.

Weird Al has a friend known as Emo Phillips—a comedian—who accompanied him on the tour. Before the concert, Phillips came on stage and performed over half an hour of his stand-up routine. I enjoyed the jokes nearly as much as the concert. Seeing as Emo Phillips doesn’t have many CD’s or DVD’s to listen to, I don’t hear his jokes very often. It’s very sad too because he is one of my favorite comedians. His sense of humor is sometimes hard to understand, but after a few seconds (possibly even by his next joke), the audience will begin laughing.

Enough about Emo, let’s talk about the concert. Weird Al played a few of his most popular “homemade” songs. His final song was “The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota.” The song is the entire story of a man and his family going on vacation to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. The song was one of the few that I still remembered. Even owning over seven CD’s, I still didn’t know every song that he played.

Many different special effects were used during the show such as laser-lights, fog machines, and portable spotlights. The fog machines were not your typical fog machines. The smoke filled the entire stage to the point that the floor was no longer visible. The special effects really set the mood for the songs.

Towards the end of the show he sang a remix of his most popular parodies. This song was meant to be his last. The band members waved as they walked off the stage. The audience cheered for nearly two minutes. The lights were still off and the doors didn’t open. Weird Al and the rest of his band came back to play one last song. Many of his fans know and love the song “The Saga Begins,” which has been his encore song for this concert and many past.

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Weird Al Concert Review Accordion To Me