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IN God’s Good Time


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IN God’s Good Time

It is not enough that man should stub
His toe against one of four corners
Beneath his roof, but that also he should
Break his fists in anger against the hard wall
In his vengeance.

A young child is snatched by wolves,
And its mother is not satisfied by
The gray pelt alone;

No, that an entire
Forest need be burnt to the ground along
With every living thing in It,
Proves too small a reprimand
For the loss of human life.

I wonder what God heard in the cry
Of Abel’s pooled blood, which soaked back
Into the dirt of the Earth.
Was it revenge he asked for?
Surely not.

God meant to preserve Cain’s life afterwards,
Placing a mark on him, which kept him from
That stain of revenge.

Forgiveness is seen as the forfeit of
Your natural rights, that naturally true,
Right path of Vengeance,
So why then should a man, most unfortunate,
Choose to forgive?

Perhaps it is because it is not
In his image to turn away, and
Perhaps doing so rips the picture
Of divine equity, a missing portion
In the human condition.

Or because shriveled fists of bitterness,
Slamming against the gray, muddied stone walls
Of prisons, do bleed more than what
Seems reasonable.

And krinkled, blue heart need much ironing,
Before it is to be worn on a sleeve.

And because an angry heart constricts vocal
Cords, making it harder to sing
What’s worth worth singing about.

And because anger inturs wrath, but lacks
The divine authority and procedure, so man
Screws up, and on his heart, and all others’,
A consequence to bear.

We all the wish the wicked were mauled
By angry, uncircumcised bears, but though
Do prosper now, in their ways, and in their
Childs’ ways, lays a net for their feet, and in a

Little while longer ,
they too will prefer
the mauling of an angry,
uncircumcised bear,

For their traps lay in the
Divine light beams of
The World’s Last Light,

And no shadow will exist
That can cover over our
Hideous features from
Eternal Equity’s Flame.

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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
IN God’s Good Time