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Mr. Jesse Wilson


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teacher? Teachers do so many things for students that you don’t really see behind the scenes, and all students should be very thankful for their teachers who put in a lot of work with the hopes to see future success in their students. Many special teachers that roam the halls here at Lewis Cass High School, and while some of them are recognized more than others for how great they are, there is still a large majority of teachers that don’t get the credit that they deserve for how hard they work and how much they care about helping their students learn and doing their best to work towards this goal.

One such teacher that works very hard in hopes to ensure his students a great passage into their lives or into their future educational careers is Mr. Jesse Wilson. Often students pass by him in the hallway and don’t think twice about how great this man is and how wonderfully he teaches his classes which have included United States History, AP United States History, Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, World History and Cultures, and even 7th and 8th grade histories. You could say that he has been around the track a few times in his few years of teaching since he has been through and taught so many courses, but from my experiences, Mr. Wilson always delivers in teaching the students.

Mr. Wilson has taught at Lewis Cass for 6 years while he previously taught at Taylor High School for 3 years. Here at Lewis Cass, he initially filled in for an emergency short short position, and he capitalized upon this opportunity, giving him a wonderful job that would last him for years to come. I sat down with him to ask him a couple questions about his job and what goes on inside his brilliant cerebral cortex.

First, I asked him what his favorite part about being a teacher was, “It is a very structured job, but is is not repetitive in the least. There is always surprises that you never know will happen.”

I then asked him what his least favorite thing about being a teacher was, and he gave me an answer that I’m sure many people of his profession would agree with, stating simply, “statehouse policy.”

When asked who he would prefer to have a conversation with if he could talk with anyone in the history of the world would be and why, he responded, “Nikola Tesla because he was so unique and I don’t know if there has been anyone quite like him maybe besides Einstein. He was all over the place in a good way.”

A fun fact about Mr. Wilson is that his favorite candle scent is pumpkin butter cream as it provides a quaint yet mystifying aroma which purifies the air and surrounds the person with an astounding comfort. His favorite class to teach was when he used to teach sociology as this class was amazing to teach for him when he had a great group of kids willing to learn.

Finally, I turned the favor back on Mr. Wilson, asking him why he feels like he should be qualified for me giving this interview to him, to which he responded, “I feel like my opinions are time tested and based on solid experiences.”

We all need people like Mr. Wilson in our lives to help us and teach us some of the important things that we learn in school. He guides students as a modern day Socrates, and with his help we all learn bounds and bounds of things to help us with our lives.

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  1. Jameson on May 21st, 2018 2:16 pm

    I have had the amazing opportunity to have Mr. Wilson as a teacher this year. He has made a huge impact on me. Mr. Wilson uses comedy throughout the class and it allows for students to pay attention easier. Great article.


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Mr. Jesse Wilson