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Slang Translator


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This is my end of the school year translator for anyone who may not have understood anything that was being talked about.


Slang Phrase Translator


Lit – A term used to describe anything thought to be cool or radical.


Nugs – McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets. Only Mcdonald’s. If she asks for nugs and you get Burger King chicken nuggets, prepare for screaming.


Dank – very dark humour


Potato – A name to describe a human or animal that is cute but lazy.


Broheme; Broham; Brokowski; Broseph; Bro-in-calorie – Bro.


Finally an adult – Eighteen to twenty-one years of age; not yet qualified to be a parent.


Senior – Lacking any sort of motivation.


One more – Until I feel I’ve had enough.


Flat-Earthers – People who believe every conspiracy ever told to them.


Facepalm – To put one’s hand on his/her face to indicate disappointment.


*facepalm* (Asterisks surrounding words) – The use of asterisks surrounding words indicates that the person has performed the action inside the parenthesis.


Facebook – Website used by people who want to see what their friends from high school are doing. Typically used by an older generation


Twitter – Website used to laugh at the president’s idiotic words.


Instagram – A place to post pictures to see how many people really like viewing pictures of you daily.


Snapchat – Can be used as a secondary texting app without having to trade digits.


Sleep – Rumored to be necessary by scientists to take breaks, but sleep is for the weak.


Smart Phone – Device teenagers use for everything 24/7. Makes life much easier.




Dating Slang Phrase Translator For Men


I ship it – I strongly believe these two belong together


Shopping – Buying her stuff she doesn’t technically need but really wants.


McDonald’s – Should be a cheap meal but will actually cost the same as cheap sit-down. Do not confuse this.


We should go see – We are going to see.


Netflix and Chill – Watching Netflix in warm blankets. An excuse to cuddle with significant other and save money.


Talking – what used to be classified as dating, but is now acceptable with multiple people.


I’m okay/fine – Something is troubling her.


We should take some pictures – We’re going to take thirty pictures and I’m gonna post one.


Who’s that girl? – Tread lightly. If you say one wrong thing, you won’t be walking for days.


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Slang Translator