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Finishing Off With An Ace Of A Time


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Two months later and it’s already all over. This tennis season was definitely something different for me compared to the past two spring sports seasons when I was on the track team. I got the opportunity to make new friends this season, and I learned how to play a sport I’ll be able to use the rest of my life.

The end of the tennis season was a little different though compared to the end of some of my other sports seasons. We had our senior night, just as you would with any other sport to finish off your season, but our senior night was a little bit different compared to most other senior nights. For our last home match, we were scheduled to play against Maconaquah on Friday night, but we somehow weren’t put on their schedule. With this conflict at hand, we now had an opening in our schedule for Friday night and still needed to have our senior night. Mr. Hurst had talked to the seniors and came up with the idea of finishing the season of with an “inter team match.” He assigned Olivia Salyers and Logan Price, two of our seniors, to be the two team coaches for the match. Tuesday night after our home match against Twin Lakes, our “coaches” hand picked their teams. Wednesday we had a normal practice with the whole entire team, but Thursday night we split up into our teams for practice. None of our actual coaches helped with practice; instead they played the role of our “managers,” while Logan and Olivia ran their own practices for their own teams.

After kind of a crazy week of matches, schedule changes, and practices, match day was finally upon us. Our lineups were made, the food for our cookout was prepared, and most importantly we as a team were ready. We had a total of nine matches to be played; we had five doubles matches and four singles matches. The match overall went by pretty quickly with an overall score of 5-4 with Olivia’s team winning. Once all of the “official” matches were played, the parents, family, friends, and boys’ tennis team came and joined us out on the courts for some fun.

When the night was over with, the seniors gave their input on how the night went and gave some advice to next year’s team.

I think this year’s version of senior night was a great way to end the season together as a team,” Logan Price, number one doubles player, said. “We all had a bunch of fun despite the competition being at an all time high. I recommend doing this with teams in the future.”

Morgan Miller, number two doubles player, said, “I think this senior night was more fun than usual because we got to play our own teammates. It was a great way to end our season and bond with the whole team! I hope future seniors get to do this for their last match on our home courts also.”

“My last match was one of the best! Senior night was an amazing way to end my last season of tennis,” Kayleigh Henry said, “I’m proud of everyone on the team and how hard they worked this year. Good luck to the team next year!”

Olivia Salyers, number one singles player, said, “This year’s senior night was very fun! Getting the chance to play with our own teammates definitely sparked some competitiveness and motivation into the team leading up to sectional.This year was easily one of the most fun years playing. I know I’ll miss each and every member of the team and I’ll definitely miss the after match bus rides. The advice I would give to next year’s team is to always give 100% at practice even when it’s hot and don’t forget to have fun because it’s over before you know it.”

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Lewis Cass High School, Walton, Indiana,
Finishing Off With An Ace Of A Time