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The Daily Routine/Luke


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The Daily Routine


My bed is too warm, but the floor feels like ice

When I get out of bed I often think twice


The mice like to scurry along at my feet

But my bed is too warm, I can’t take this heat!


Once I get in the shower, my shampoo I do lather

Somebody’s using hot water! My teeth start to chatter.


The toilet has been flushed

Aaaah! Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!


The worst has been done, now it’s time for some chow.

I’ll drink some fresh milk. Get it straight from the cow.


The carton’s been emptied. There’s nothing but air.

My day was already ruined. I don’t even care.


As I watched my TV eating a whole bag of chips

I gained about ten pounds. It went straight to my hips.


The bus has arrived. The driver is insane.

He nearly ran me over, couldn’t see through the rain.


Right behind me sits a boy with curly hair.

He doesn’t bother me while out the window I stare.


Every single day the classes remain the same.

I think I’m slowly becoming more and more insane.


Once I get out of school I set off for work.

I’m still a part-timer so I don’t get any perks.


The counters have been cleaned and the dishes are washed.

The floors have been swept and trash has been tossed.


Now it’s time to go home and sleep in my bed.

Try not to think about my book that’s unread.


I wake up again just to survive.

This nightmare everyone likes to call life.



I was at home

Completely alone

I heard a knock on my door


I opened and stared

Entirely unaware

Of the blood on my floor


There was an old dude

He was being quite rude

Staining my carpet red


He fell with a bound

Weighing three-hundred ten pounds

In one moment he’d be dead


I checked out his wounds

Dragged him into my room

Then I got on my knees


It seemed like it hurt

So I took off his shirt

It was torn at the seams


The man looked like he’d burst

Then yelled “Solo shot first”

As he drifted to eternal sleep.


Mr. George Lucas lies dead

Asleep on my bed

Man, that dude was such a creep.


Brother and sister

Fell in love then he kissed her

Who would make such a movie?


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The Daily Routine/Luke