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Below is an excerpt from a story I have been working on with a partner.




I was too late.

There, lying at my feet, was Gavin, the youngest of the two boys. His dark brown hair looked so much darker in the white snow. He was unconscious at least, and I did not dare to imagine the other possibilities. If only I had been here earlier, I could’ve done something. Anything.

Still, there was a chance that I wasn’t too late for this one. I knelt over the body to inspect it from up close. No pulse. He was dead for who knows how long.

His corpse meant that I had failed my job and I failed both our families. His lips were blue and his skin almost translucent. I knew right there and then that this called for drastic measures. I couldn’t let his story end.

I knew one way that could undo my mistake. Only one thing left to do although it would make both our lives difficult…

I put one hand on his forehead and one on his heart. I called upon the powers of heaven, something I’m not allowed to do, but it was my last hope. His last chance.                                           This will work, this has to work.

His still body proved me wrong. My gut told me that it was too cold for him to return to his body. I carried him like a parent carries a child. He was too easy to lift, which made my heart heavy.

What if I was too late to revive him? Shakin the thought out of my head, I tried to remain hopeful. I had no choice. The boy needed to come back.

I extracted my wings and flew us back to the cabin. There I had to make sure he was warm enough so I could try to do the ritual again. Hours had passed and I had tried the ritual a few times, but no sign of life yet.

I was close to giving up and confessing to the higher up about my mistake, but I saw his finger move. I was certain I saw movement, so I checked again. And exactly like the last times, I let my hopes up only to let them crash down.

I decided to try one last time before I gave up. I hoped this time it would work. The sky and earth trembled, which meant that I was in big trouble.

If only he would wake, that would make it all worth it.

I was certain that I did the procedure right, so all I could was hope and pray. Hope that I didn’t wait too long before I resurrected him and pray that he would open his eyes once again.

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