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An Open Letter to the Upcoming Juniors


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To the Upcoming Juniors,


You’re officially upperclassmen now. How’s it feel? I know it may not seem like it now, but junior year is so much more different than any other you’ve experienced yet. You’re starting to take AP classes now, you’re taking dual credit classes, and you’re beginning to earn college credit from these classes. With this being said, you need to start taking your classes more seriously. You really can’t afford to start slacking off, especially in your AP and dual credit classes; these really impact your GPA because they’re dual credit and count more towards your GPA. You also really can’t cheat your way through junior year. Your teachers begin to find out, and when it comes to the AP tests and finals, you really can’t afford to cheat because you won’t know anything when test time comes.


Not only are classes different now, but your role in the school will change drastically. You’re “upperclassmen” now. That means you have the younger kids really looking up to you now. You may not realize it, but they’re watching everything you do. With this being said, you need to be more cautious of what you do and say in the school hallways and be more careful with what you post on social media.


Speaking of social media, you need to be careful about what you post on social media because colleges look at your social media, whether you know it or not. You may think what you post is private and can’t be seen, but colleges have their ways of getting around it and seeing what you post. Not only are they going to check what you post, but they’re going to check what kinds of posts you like. So please be cautious and think before you post or like something.


Colleges not only check your social media but they also check your SAT and/or ACT scores. Some of you may already be a step ahead of the game and have taken either one of the tests, but if you haven’t, the advice I have for you is just go in there and take it seriously but not to the point you stress yourself out over it. I took the test October of last year and decided I was just going to go in there and take it and not stress about it. I just wanted to take the test and see what it was like. I ended up doing really well compared to some of my friends who really just stressed themselves out of it.


Most importantly, enjoy your junior year because before you know it, it’ll be gone.



The Senior Who Was In Your Shoes

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One Response to “An Open Letter to the Upcoming Juniors”

  1. Cjay74 on August 7th, 2018 8:09 am

    Josie, thank you for the reminder to us all. These are things that are not said as much as they should be… it is always good for the reminder. I agree with your statement about how we act in the halls, and the little kids are looking up to us. This is a must read!

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An Open Letter to the Upcoming Juniors