Lake Barkley: A Trip to Remember


The Jones' and I at Lake Barkley.

I hear the rustling of leaves as a breeze graces this hot day. The birds and insects unapologetically sing their songs as loud as they can muster. The hot, humid air sticks to my skin. The sun beams down on the Earth making the world bright. Everything drips with the scent of fresh water from the lake. I am imagining my vacation. This summer I went to the beautiful Lake Barkley in Kentucky with my friend Cana and her family. Not only did I enjoy it, I became closer to this wonderful family.  

Normally, I do not go on many vacations; therefore, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when my best friend, Cana Jones, invited me to go to Lake Barkley with her family. I had not been to Lake Barkley, so I had no clue what to expect. Finally, after all the anticipation, the vacation had begun. When we arrived, I was overwhelmed with my surroundings. A canopy of trees rose above me, animals everywhere I looked, and the gorgeous, blue lake in the distance.

During the vacation, we did many activities. After breakfast, we always started with a workout of playing basketball and tennis. I improved a lot in tennis as the vacation continued. In the beginning, I barely could hit the ball! Although, towards the end I could play decently. After the courts, we would soak up some sun and cool down at the pool. Then we would play card and board games, fish, or tube until dinner. I was surprised when I caught myself having fun while tubing on Lake Barkley. I never really liked tubing, because it’s very rough and I don’t like water. Which is ironic, because I am a swimmer! However, this trip might have changed my mind, because it felt like I was sliding on glass. Before this trip, I had never fished. I learned that I really enjoy fishing. I caught a few bluegill and sunfish.

Surprisingly, I became even closer to the Jones family when I thought I already was as close as I could get. Rhoda is the mom, Jeremy the dad, Nathan the oldest son, and Cana the youngest daughter. This trip showed that they are all very close and definitely value humor. The entire vacation nobody could stop laughing. I always had a smile on my face. We all spent a lot of time together, resulting in, lots of teasing. I can’t count how many times somebody made fun of someone else. We played Phase Ten a few times, and that always ended with someone losing very badly, which is always funny. I had so much fun at Lake Barkley with the Jones’.

Overall, I will remember this trip forever. I learned and tried new things, became closer to an amazing family, and simply had a great time. Lake Barkley is a place for everyone to enjoy with many different things to do from tubing on the lake to just playing a good card game with your friends and family. Lake Barkley did not disappoint, that’s for sure!

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