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First Day Glitch

Mr. Bates helps students before school.

Mr. Bates helps students before school.

Mr. Bates helps students before school.


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The anticipation of the first day of school is exciting for some and dreadful for others. The first day at Lewis Cass Jr.-Sr. High School came with a twist this year: a server crash.

The day before school started, the office staff was busy at work trying to get last minute touches on the schedules and classes for the next day only to find that the servers had crashed sometime overnight causing everyone to lose all of the work from the previous day. Mr. Bates describes the server crash as “…going to the front door of your house and finding that it was locked and you don’t have the key…”

Since Lewis Cass has joined the ranks of our paperless society, the school came to an abrupt halt that kept all the students in their first period classes for the entire day. Mr. Bates is the new principal at Lewis Cass High School, and he led the way on coming up with a plan to best account for all the students and keep worries at a minimum.

Bates and the other staff who worked on the issue knew that they could safely get kids to their first period classes. According to Bates, the goal for the rest of the day was to get the work from the previous day recovered within the school day. Then the burden fell on the tech team to work over the weekend to get the server up and running the following Monday.

By lunchtime, students rumbling that the students should get sent home since they could not go to all their classes. It was a loss of a learning day, so why not go home? What people didn’t realize is that the school system would have to make up that day. The choices were sitting in class for the remainder of the day or gp home and make up the day later on. When asked about the rumor of sending kids home, Mr. Bates said that it was the safer option to keep kids where they were and have the teachers do their best to keep their students amused during the long day.

“At the end of the day, it’s all what you make of it,” said Bates. “People were safe, people were smiling. Sometimes that’s life, you have to roll with the punches.”

Regardless of the first day dilemma, Bates looks forward to the rest of the school year.


“My goal is to just create, for year one, a positive learning environment and to make sure that teachers are enjoying what they are doing, kids are enjoying what they are doing,” he said. “We are making decisions that are based on what is best for kids.”


A big change for the school is the overall construction going on in the building. Although the construction has made navigating the building challenging, the enhanced security will hopefully make the building a safer place.

“I also want to keep the school safe and to me there are a lot of ways that we can do that,” Bates continued. “Safety is a big thing for me.”


Mr. Bates also wants the kids to challenge themselves in their classes. Part of his goals are described in the school’s new campaign.


“I want to make sure that kids are pushing themselves. School is easy for some and it’s hard for others. I want every kid to try and make this a better school. We have a new mantra for ‘Kings’ that we are trying to push: Kindness, Integrity, Non-judgmental, Grit, Self-control. Those are all character skills that everyone can use, whether they are a kindergartner, senior, or anywhere in between, and even in life.”

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5 Responses to “First Day Glitch”

  1. Heather Hileman on August 21st, 2018 9:15 am

    Nice news coverage of the first day of school issues and letting Mr. Bates speak to what happened.

  2. Heather Plauschin on August 22nd, 2018 7:09 am

    Nicely written article!

  3. Miki Klute on August 27th, 2018 1:49 pm

    This was very nice to hear more about what happened on the first day, rather than hearing all the rumors that have been passed around the past couple of weeks.

  4. Ryne Birnell on September 3rd, 2018 6:30 pm

    Thanks for informing us about the issues on the first day!

  5. Luke Chambers on September 11th, 2018 1:47 pm

    Great article of the very weird first day we had.

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First Day Glitch