Time Management

Time Management

I wake up for school at 6 a.m. to hopefully be on time for the bus at 6:40. Once I’m at school, I take notes, work, study, and try to finish all my homework. After school I have 2-3 hour long cheer practices or football/basketball games. If swimming is in season, then that’s added to the mix as well. Oh, and I can’t forget about travel softball. Maybe, I have an extracurricular activity to attend as well. I also have that World History project due tomorrow. I’m sure many students can relate to my situation. Because of this, I assume they struggle with time management and procrastination.

Something I hear time and time again is “Don’t procrastinate!”. Although this phrase is annoying and overused, it is so very true. Don’t shove the thought of doing homework to the back of your brain. This may result in forgetting about it; this would cause way more problems than missing Shane Dawson’s latest video. My advice: do homework throughout the school day. At any time given, instead of watching Youtube videos or playing games, spend it doing work. Students will be relieved to know that once they get home from a long day of school, sports, and extracurricular activities, they can just take a shower and chill out and not have to do homework.

Another way to manage time is to be more organized and efficient. Writing down tasks needed to be done for the day is a great way to stay organized. I suggest using an academic planner. This will minimize wasted time of thinking about what needs to be done resulting in immediate productivity. Also, by keeping all homework in the same place, such as a folder or notebook, students can pull it out and start working with ease. Working efficiently is very important too. Think which is the most quickest, easiest, and logical way to do homework. If on the go, it may need to be done in the car or bus.

When students are already so busy, they should avoid distractions. While doing homework, phones should be put away. If not, students could potentially focus on their phone instead of their homework. If that were to happen, it could cause a lot of stress and concern. To stay on task, studying and working should be in a quiet place where friends won’t distract you; music may help with this. In my experience, music helps me stay focused and motivated on my schoolwork.

In the long run, time management has many important benefits. It will decrease stress, increase more personal time, maintain good grades, and will help students in their future. Time management is a necessary skill for everyday life. If students start developing this skill now, they will be very grateful it comes easy to them when they have a career and family. Success will be easy to achieve with good time management skills, and there will be more time for friends and family.

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