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Kings Keep it Rolling


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This week the Kings are on the road again at Tipton. The Blue Devils coming into this game are 3-0 and the Kings are 2-1. This game marks the start of the Hoosier Conference East play. Both teams are coming into this game feeling good with scoring at least 60 points in their last weeks game. Tipton is ranked No. 4 in 2A in the state so the Kings have something to prove. The Kings are on a two game win streak.


Two weeks ago the Kings came out hot against Maconaquah and put up some impressive numbers in the win with a score of 22-20. The Kings offense was key in this game scoring a touchdown in every quarter of the game. The Kings defense struggled at times, but after figuring stuff out, the Kings defense were shut down in the second half while only allowing 6 points in the second half.

Lewis Cass had an offensive attack from the very first snap. Junior quarterback Isaac Chambers leads the offensive scheme with 300 passing yards and 56 rushing yards while Easton Good led receivers with 146 receiving yards. Other key offensive tributors were Junior Gabe Eurit, Junior Caden Zeck and Senior Bowe Brooks. The Kings may have been rolling on offense but the points did not show for it. Although the Kings had great statistics, they only scored three times.


In the middle of the fourth quarter, the Kings punted on their own 40 and could finally take a huge sigh of relief after a Maconaquah player picked up the punt while there were three Cass players corralled around the ball. After he picked it up, middle linebacker Bowe Brooks stripped the ball from him and it was Kings possession. At that time the Kings were up 22-20 and killed the clock with slowly running the ball down the Braves throat. The Braves got the ball back deep in their red zone when the Kings couldn’t push it in. The Braves had 20 seconds to take the ball 90 yards for the win, but the Kings defense held tight and didn’t budge by not allowing them out of the endzone.


A week later the mighty Kings traveled to Benton Central for what ended up being a disaster. Cass arrived at approximately 5:30 and everything seemed fine. Athletic trainer Sally Young taped all of the guys who needed taped and got all the others who needed something different ready as well. They took the field and went through their normal specialist period where all the specialists (wide receivers, quarterbacks, punters, and kickers)  warm up. Then the linemen joined them on the field and they broke out and started their static stretching. Both teams were stretching and everything still seemed completely fine. The officials called the captains out for the coin toss and they went through the routine they do every time. Cass was the visiting team so they got to call head or tails. Captain spokesman Isaac Chambers called for heads and he was right. The Kings had won the toss and deferred to the second half. Captains from each team shook hands then went about with their warm ups.


Suddenly everything got dark. Then we heard a sudden crack of thunder. Everyone was waved off the field and told to go in the locker room for a 30 minute lighting delay. So both teams were sitting in their locker rooms and then suddenly another lighting delay was called. After about an hour and fifteen minutes of lighting delays and each team warming up twice, the athletic director moved the teams into the high school gym. There the players sat and talked hoping they could get the game in but that never happened. They let both teams back on the field at nine o’clock and as soon as the teams stepped foot on the gridiron, they were waved off again. At ten O’clock they finally called the game and told us we were going to play the next day at noon. So the Kings showed up the next day fired up and ready for war and murdered the Bison 68-0.


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2 Responses to “Kings Keep it Rolling”

  1. Hannah Plauschin on September 11th, 2018 10:03 am

    This article was very detailed and entertaining. It’s very fun to read about football from someone who keeps it engrossing and orderly. Also, great descriptive words. Keep it up!

  2. Dylan Fye on September 11th, 2018 2:04 pm

    I like how you put the article in like how you were there but you weren’t. I also like how you told what time you guys where waved off the field and went back on.

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Kings Keep it Rolling