Volunteering at Our Father’s Library

Volunteering at Our Father’s Library

Community service is very important and has many benefits. While giving individuals responsibility, self-confidence, and stress relief, community service also helps many people in need. Not to mention, volunteering looks good on a resume. Because of these reasons and more, I try to serve my community often. Over the years, it’s become a passion of mine and something that I truly enjoy doing. Whether it be collecting money, canned foods, or cleaning out an area, volunteers are always needed. I strongly suggest serving the community. It will be much appreciated. Recently on September first, my friends and I volunteered at Our Father’s Library in Peru. A lot of hard work was done, but we had fun.

Our Father’s Library, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian lending library, was established on April 18th, 1983, and is still going. I have been going to this library since I was a little girl, so I have many memories. Even after helping me grow into who I am today and helping me learn more about Christianity, Our Father’s Library is still supporting me. For example, the library’s staff has been sponsoring me in the Junior Miss Cass County Pageant for two years now. So one can imagine, I eagerly jumped at the chance to help when the library called.

The task was to move all the furniture, books, shelves, and playroom toys from the front of the library. More pairs of hands would help the removing go smoother, so I asked some friends (Clara and Jocelyn) to help as well. When we arrived at the library on Saturday, I was shocked because it looked so empty. All the shelves, furniture, and books were gone! Fortunately, a lot of volunteers were helping earlier in the day, so they already had almost all of it done. However, one thing still had to be done, the playroom.

We were told to wipe all the toys with disinfectant wipes and then put the toys in boxes. When I was little, I spent hours in the playroom: my favorite part of the library. Therefore, when I walked into the playroom, a gallon of nostalgia poured down on me until I was swimming in it. Since the staff had been at the library working all day, they decided to get lunch while we worked on the playroom. While we had the library to ourselves, Clara, Jocelyn, my brother, my mom, and I were singing songs and laughing loudly while we worked. After two hours, the staff returned and we were finished.

My friends and I had a lot of fun and even made a day out of it. After we left the library, we went to East End, Peru’s famous ice cream shop, and then went back to my place to hang out. I asked Clara how she felt about the community service, and she replied, “It was pretty fun and not stressful.” She also stated that she will definitely be doing more community service. I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to help an amazing and generous organization. I have many childhood memories there, and they have been so kind to me. Our Father’s Library will forever be in my heart.

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