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Due to the large amount of suicides by veterans, Mary Voltz started a trend of releasing 22 balloons in remembrance of the average number of veteran suicides daily. This was done to bring attention to suicide. This was brought on by Indiana’s zero suicide policy. In my opinion, Indiana has needed the zero suicide policy for a long time. Not just Indiana, but I think that every state needs some kind of similar policy.

I have never experienced the loss of anyone to suicide, but thinking about it has enough of an impact for me to understand the magnitude of the situation. Just as Mr. Head, our state senator said, people do too much complaining and not enough acting. Seeing someone get up and physically do something in an attempt to help the situation is very refreshing. If I had the opportunity to help with something like this, I think that I would take the opportunity right away. To me it is inconceivable to end my own life. Anyone that has that kind of thought or feeling should seek help immediately. Even if someone thinks that there is nothing and no one there to help them, there is always someone who is willing to help. Anyone with these feelings needs to be willing to look for the people that are willing to help.

Back to the point. I think it is important for people to be willing to go out of their comfort zone to help people. The world needs more people like like Mary Voltz and her husband who went out of their way to spread awareness of suicide. This is a thank you to Mary Voltz and her husband, I don’t know the what gave them the determination to do this. It doesn’t really matter what made them do this, I just hope it sparks the attention of other people and leads to more events like this.

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