IU Spirit Day


The mouthwatering smells of popcorn and greasy foods glaze the air. The football stadium becomes consumed of the sounds of blaring trumpets and booming drums. When tossed, cheerleaders flash into the air with red and white. The huge amount of fans roar with excitement and pride. This is Indiana University football. This past Saturday, Indiana University in Bloomington held an event called Spirit Day. On this day, IU allows cheerleaders from all around Indiana to perform during half time. The cheerleaders and I were fortunate enough to perform the dance along with 300 other cheerleaders. I am so glad I had the opportunity! I have never experienced anything like it.

Once Saturday had finally rolled around, I woke immensely tired. Homecoming took place the night before causing my night to be very long with yelling and laughter. On top of that, the cheerleaders needed to wake up very early so that at 5:30 a.m. we can board the bus and get to Bloomington before nine. However, I did not wake up on time. Supposedly, I needed to wake up around 4:30 a.m. but instead woke up at five. After hurrying to get ready, I rushed to the school and luckily made it on time. Finally, the squad climbed on the bus and started making the long and hot (the bus didn’t have air conditioning) journey to IU Bloomington. Everyone slept the whole way.

When we woke from our much needed nap, red and white occupied all of our surroundings. The gorgeous campus and football stadium had beautiful flowers, IU signs, and architecture. Since people were already tailgating and preparing for the game at 8:30 a.m., many people were already roaming and firing up around the football stadium. At nine, the practice for the performance had begun. The fast music made the dance difficult to learn, even more so with three-hundred cheerleaders in one hot area. The staff made us repeat the dance many times hoping that we would memorize it.

Halfway through the long practice, we took a break to participate in “The Walk:” all the IU football players walk from the main building to the football field. My senses were overwhelmed with cheerleaders’ frilly skirts swaying as they danced to the peppy music flowing from the bands’ instruments as the football players intimidatingly stomped their way to the field. I absolutely loved it. The loud, spirit-filled experience will be something I will never forget.

Once “The Walk” ended, all the cheerleaders resumed practicing for the exciting performance. After many times of “do it again/go back to you formation/let’s practice how we walk on and off of the field again,” we were finally released to lunch, and the game would be starting shortly after. The stadium was overflowing with delicious food vendors and concession stands. I eventually chose to have a mini Papa John’s Pizza and it was the best pizza I ever had (or maybe it was so good because I was so hungry). Before I knew it, half time had begun.

We all run out onto the field while shaking our poms and watching them shimmer from the sun’s light. I take a second to look around at the huge red and white stadium. The fans roared with passion making it sound like a tractor pull. Suddenly, music interrupted the roaring commanding me to begin the performance. As we danced, the crowd took pictures and enjoyed it and continued to do that while we ran off the field when the performance ended. On Saturday, I woke to an amazing day filled with fun, spirit, and tasty food. I had never been to a college football game before Saturday, and I hope to attend more. I am so grateful that I had such a wonderful experience with some great girls.

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