A Legacy That Will Last Forever


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Do you have a certain person besides your parents you look to for advice or as a role model? Well, mine is Coach Marschand. Ever since I can remember playing baseball and hearing about Cass athletics, Coach Marschands’ name always stuck in my head.Going to his baseball camps as a kid were always a huge deal to all of us even though we were many years away from the high school level.


Coach Marschand has done amazing things here at Cass. He has been here now for 35 years and we all hope his era isn’t ending anytime soon. Coach Marschand is a 2016 Indiana High School Baseball Coach Hall of Fame inductee. He has posted a 558-386 record while being at Cass along with 5 sectional titles, 2 regional titles, 1 semi state crowing and was the 2009 state runner ups for class 2A.


Although winning is always a big goal, Marschand said, “My main goal here at Cass is to turn teenagers into men and prepare them for the hardships of life.” Marschand also stated that “ I love seeing my guys play at the next level and excel at life. If they do that, then that is greater than any victory on the field. Even though there are many amazing things on the field, there are also hardships that come with it.  Marschand has experienced some bad things as well and he answered with this, “When one of my former players called me from his death bed and told me he was passing away.” After stating that I realize there are many great things about being a coach beyond just the baseball diamond.


When I asked Coach Marschand what got him into coaching his answer was simple, “Ever since I was in elementary school I wanted to be a baseball coach, I had no clue at what level but I knew I wanted to be a baseball coach. No specific person or thing lead me in this path, simply I just wanted to help people and work with kids to make then better players and people.”


Now after you have read all of that I leave you with this after having Coach Marschand for 3 years, don’t take your high school coaches for granted. Coach Marschand has been one of my biggest mentors to this day and I would not be where I am today in my career without him. The coaches you have will be some of the most caring people you’ll ever meet, so do not take them for granted. One memory that I’ll never forget is when Coach helped me as a freshman prepare all winter for tryouts the upcoming spring.

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