Seeing Suicide From a Different Standpoint


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We have all been in that lonely, dark place where it seems as if no one is on our side. It feels as if we are invisible. It feels as if we cannot find the one thing that will pull us out of this funk. It feels as if the easiest way to make it all stop is by giving up. We have reached our final point of all the pain, stress, and anxiety; however, in a split second, it all suddenly stops. It goes away. It becomes extinct. And at that moment, we let all the negative push us to the end. Not only did we end the pain, we ended our lives.

Suicide is ending your own life. Sometimes people think their only way of escape from the pain and suffering is suicide; however, that isn’t the case. Suicide is an issue that many of us do not speak of unless someone recently has made an attempt or has actually done so. However, suicide is bigger than just killing yourself. Suicide means you are taking all the pain and suffering away from your life, but you are putting all of that on your family. Everyone always thinks of suicide as the easiest way out or the people around that one specific person should have helped; however, not every incident is highlighted in bright colors.

“No one ever thought that he would do that. He was always happy and has a positive attitude. The only thing I noticed, which could have just been a coincidence, was the afternoon before he committed suicide, he hugged multiple people. I happened to be one of them. I thought he was just putting out a kind gesture, but was that really it? Was it his goodbye to all of us?” said Brannyn Spencer, a fellow friend of a young boy who took his own life.

When someone close to a person’s heart commits suicide, he thinks about what he could have done to prevent it, but that question will never have an answer. Many people who commit suicide have endless stress, pain, anxiety, and/or depression; therefore, they believe suicide is the only way out. They take their own lives to stop their pain, grief, sadness, etc. However, by doing so, they put all of their problems onto their loved ones around them.

Brannyn added, “Having to go to school everyday without him was rough for everyone. They brought in counselors for students who needed help. Many students couldn’t make it to a class period without crying; therefore, a lot of students were in the library grieving together.”

Suicide is nothing to joke about. Personally, I know many people who have considered taking their own lives, but I have helped them seek help so they wouldn’t make that particular choice. Suicide isn’t the easy way out. Many people think this is the case, but I don’t. Have you ever met someone who just didn’t seem like himself? Have you ever watched your friend go through depression? Have you ever seen someone be so mentally destroyed that they can’t go anywhere without crying? I have, and I can honestly say that they were very close to injuring themselves, but they found someone. They found that one person who pulled them out of their dark, sinking hole and brought them back to life.

“I personally have been in the position where I wanted to end it all. I was in a dark place, and I didn’t believe I could find any help. I tried to shut out everyone and not listen. I had too many people that didn’t give up on me though. They helped me push through this rough time and become happy again. No matter what is going on in your life, you can always push through. You will always have someone that is willing to help you,” said a fellow source where his name has been left unsaid.

If you are reading this, and you’re going through a time like the ones I have mentioned above, don’t give up. If you are reading this and you know someone who is considering taking his own life, don’t let them. Life is hard, I understand. Trust me, I have been through many struggles where I wanted to stay in my room and shut myself out because I didn’t think it would ever get better; however, with time, you will be okay. Find the friends who make you happy. Find the hobbies that keep you occupied. Find the one thing that helps you relieve your stress. Take each day one by one, and understand that in the long run, you will soon be out of this mess. I know it hurts. And, I know you think suicide is the answer, but it’s not. Don’t let the little things eat you alive. Be your own person, and stand up for yourself. Love yourself before you try to love someone else. Please, make yourself happy first. Don’t try to please everyone because this is your life to live, not theirs. And, if you feel like you have no one on your side, you have me.

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