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High Heels to Toes Up


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Life is pretty great when you think about it. You woke up and were alive this morning. That’s a positive. There is one thing every person, regardless of age, can attest to: busy schedules. That day that you just can’t take a break because you are jumping place to place doing what needs to get done. Well, this is exactly what happened to me and my family on one of the most absorbed days we have had in awhile.

Let me set the scene for you. The day is September 15, 2018. The Lewis Cass Marching Kings students and staff are up and moving to get to the school at eight to start a long day of practicing and preparing for their evening performance. The marchers and staff worked from eight to noon on the first movement of the show and then took a long break from noon to one. As the day progressed, the sun heated the new, black asphalt to the point that the marchers could feel the heat through their shoes while playing a big halt or standing at set for a margin of time. As the time slowly moved toward one, my sister and I got excited for the event they left for at two: their older cousin’s wedding!

Now, let me tell you about our cousin. Jade Munsey, now Jade Turrill, is twenty-one, making her four years older than me and eight years older than Abbey. She graduated in 2015 from Lewis Cass. She and her husband were both in the marching band under the direction of Don Krug, so they know the struggle of practicing all day and having late nights after competitions. Her husband’s name is AJ Turrill. He is two years older than Jade and played the tuba in band, played football, and did a drama play, which is where Jade and AJ met in what seems to be a thousand years ago.

Two o’clock finally came and the Abbey and I ran in to get our uniforms to change into after the wedding ceremony and pictures were over. Rushing home from the school, we cleaned up, got into our  dresses and heels, and made their way with our mom to Galveston First Baptist Church in Galveston, IN. The wedding decorations were gorgeous. The colors for the wedding were black, champagne, dark red, and gold. Now, at this point, I  have already cried once while getting ready. Jade and I had a really complex relationship growing up. Jade was a lot tougher than me being that she was older than her and knew how to deal with kids since she was already well into her school career. She had a tougher childhood than her younger cousins, so Abbey and I didn’t completely understand how or why she acted the way she did sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they love her any less.

Abbey and I were in charge of the wedding book for all the people that came to the wedding. We wrote down the names and addresses for thank you cards coming in the mail later. All the expected guests had arrived to the church and were seated. The time had finally come for the couple to be married. The wedding party was small with both the bride and the groom having one person to accompany them. Jade’s person was Mason Winegardner, her best friend from high school, and AJ’s was his brother.

At this point, I have already started crying. The wedding was absolutely perfect. The flowers blended well with the mood of the candelabras and the single candle left for Jade, Abbey, and my grandpa, who died from cancer years prior. The couple decided to make a sand frame with the mixing of black sand for AJ and sparkly gold sparkles for Jade.

The time following the ceremony went really fast. Abbey and I took some pictures for the wedding book and changed into their band uniforms to get to Northwestern High School to meet the rest of the band. Thankfully, the location is very close to Galveston so the drive wasn’t long. As soon as the we got to our destination, they jumped out of the truck to find Mrs. Swanson, one of the amazing band moms that does girl’s hair into a tight, gel-slicked bun and with what feels like thousands of bobby pins. Swanson was already prepared and ready for us and got working right away. When the our hair was done, I got her mellophone and Abbey went to the pit and lined up to start physical and music warmup. The rest of the evening included Lewis Cass getting second place and having a pretty decent run for the first show.

What days like these continue to teach us is not to be stressed out. Everything will go as planned for the most part as long as you stay calm and are prepared for the events happening. I had the best day. All day I got to hangout with all the people they love and participate in their favorite activity at school. As you can imagine, my sister and I slept like babies and didn’t make it to church the following morning. That Sunday was filled with homework and trying to relax from the previous day, which was indeed, packed with fun and memories and new family!

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2 Responses to “High Heels to Toes Up”

  1. Nevaeh Gordon on October 31st, 2018 1:28 pm

    This was a very good story and being apart of the marching part of the story it was a good day for having the first run we did do well.

  2. Lauran Walker on January 29th, 2019 12:56 pm

    This article is really good and well put.

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High Heels to Toes Up