Mamma Mia! Here I Go Again


Everyone has –or should have– a favorite movie, book, game, food, etc. My favorite movie is Mamma Mia!. It is a musical and comedy at the same time. I fell in love with this movie when I first watched it at a very young age. Mamma Mia! is my  favorite movie for a very long time and still is. The actors are phenomenal singers and great actors. After watching “Mamma Mia!” for the first time, I have always wanted to visit Greece and the beautiful places there; not only because of the movie but also because of all the beautiful islands and things there are to offer. This movie is a great family movie and can cheer anyone up any day.

I don’t exactly remember when I watched it, but what I do remember is watching with my family and crying and laughing together. Parts in the movie were really sad and the scenes made me feel as if I was there. The songs and dancing (as cheesy as it sounds) made me wish that happens in real life but only sometimes. After watching this movie many times, I have learned more and more things that I did not understand or had missed before, like when I found out that one of the main characters was gay. I had been so confused before on what he was trying to say but I now understand.

Just like how I missed some stuff while watching, new scenes and events that happened became my new favorite thing or scene after re-watching it. For example, I didn’t think Meryl Streep sprinting up the stairs to the church was much of anything, but after I watched it again I thought it was so beautiful. Everything about this movie is so energetic and relatable. Watching this movie made me appreciate my friends even more and I even started planning our trip to Greece!..for future purposes of course. I would love to visit there and to see the island where the movie was shot.

The beach where they did some of the scenes and singing was so beautiful and it would be a dream to visit there. The water is crystal blue and the sand looks so soft. The small rocky cliffs look so beautiful. All the plots and twists in the movie were so funny and made me anxious to know what happened next. Scenes that astonished me was how the actors could hold such long notes or run up the stairs while singing. It might just be the voice over, but I still think it is impressive to mouth along and run at the same time.

In conclusion, I believe that this is a great movie to watch with any friends or family. I would definitely recommend this to anyone because of how incredible the singing and acting is. The different plot twists and beautiful songs really kept me on my feet. The colors and sounds that are in the movie makes you feel like travelling all the way over to Greece just to hear and see it in real life. I absolutely love this movie and I hope that whoever watches it ends up taking a liking to it as well.

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