The life I was meant to live…

A true story written to let others know they are not alone.


Sometimes in life we feel as if we are disappearing.


It all started back in January of 2016,

After my world crumbled upon me.

When I really started to think I was completely alone, when I couldn’t hide the sadness anymore, when I couldn’t fake that stupid smile for the people around me.

Truth be told when I was ready to end everything…

After a miserable year of pain, a year of being broken, a year of being told everything I wasn’t.

The brokenness that one person caused in my already broken world

Only to make it a thousand times harder for me to find a will to live,

But as the years passed and I learned to handle the pain, things started to look brighter.

Until, I let someone in and, not to my surprise, hurt me again.

They left me alone with a day dream that I feel stupid for thinking of.

That I might of actually had my first meaningful slow dance with someone that might care for me.

That slow dance didn’t come until a year later after I met someone that makes my world stop, someone that can make my heart tremble, someone that can make my words fall apart when looking into their eyes.

This person came waltzing into my life just in time to save me from the nightmare my life was becoming.

Unexpectedly knowing everything I needed in life.

Little did he know that night would have been my last.

This person truly was my saving grace.

The smile that stopped me in my tracks, that made me stop and think about what I was planning, that made me question if I could trust someone one more time.

The eyes that still looked at me with a glistening hope of perfection even with all the bruises, scars, and burned edges of a once perfect canvas.

Even with the light shining through, when held up to light, he could still see the big picture of someone that is willing to give all they have in order to make others feel loved.

Even with pieces of a broken heart falling to my feet with every passing second,

He slowly managed to pick them up and give them a stronger life.

With a stronger motivation to live things started to become easier.

Day by day my life is getting back on track, my life is starting to be the one I dreamed as a little girl, my life is becoming the journey I was meant to experience.  

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